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3 WordPress Security Plugins To Keep Hackers Out In The Cold


This is a guest post by fellow blogger Thomas Frank. Thomas is a junior at Iowa State University studying MIS and speech communication. In his free time, he runs his own blog that focuses on college tips. You should follow him on Twitter!

Out of all the blog platforms and content management systems jockeying for position in the world today, WordPress has established itself as the most popular one. If you’re a WordPress user, this is a very good thing; the platform’s popularity ensure that it has plenty of willing developers, timely updates, and lots of plugins and themes to choose from. However, always keep in mind that popularity is a double-edged sword. Just as many legitimate bloggers, developers, and webmasters are using WordPress for their own purposes, there are also plenty of hackers and other non-legit, shady characters out there trying to exploit it in order to destroy your work or steal your stuff.

These hackers are kept at bay pretty well, thanks to all the time and effort that WordPress developers put into making WordPress a secure platform and releasing frequent updates. Still, the platform isn’t perfect, and hacks do happen. So what can you do to avoid being a victim?

There are actually a lot of great things you can do to secure your site, ranging from trivial to technical. If you’re not an experienced coder or webmaster, you may have trouble performing some of the recommended security upgrades to your site; however, there is one thing literally anyone can do, and that’s installing plugins.

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September 26th, 2011 at 7:30 pm

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