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4 Little Known, Handy Soluto Features

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Soluto is a super-awesome troubleshooting application that we’re big fans of, and when it started out, it just helped chop down your computer’s boot time. Over time, Soluto has evolved into something bigger and better, allowing you to do a lot more than just speed up your computer.

Here are some useful tips that every Soluto user should know:

Soluto for Windows 8 and Tablets

Soluto’s Modern app for Windows 8 can be downloaded from the Windows Store. Although the interface is not as extensive as the desktop application, it does let you monitor your computer’s hardware or install new applications by issuing a request quickly.

Screenshot (2)

You can also monitor other PCs’ statuses from inside the Metro app, like you can from the web dashboard. Of course, the new app is tablet friendly. On the desktop, you can right click when you’re using the application to see additional options pertaining to the view you’re currently on.

Use Soluto To Ditch The Start Screen in Windows 8

If you are using Soluto from Windows 8, this tip is for you. Not everyone is a fan of the newly introduced Metro Start screen with tile-like apps. The Start Screen loads every time you login which could be pretty annoying.

Soluto lets you skip the Start screen altogether and get to the Classic Desktop quickly. Launch Soluto, click on ‘View My PC’ from the system tray menu, and in the web page that opens, choose ‘Switch to Classic Desktop’. After a restart, the Metro screen will not load again.

When you activate this option, Soluto also adds a Start menu to the desktop that you can further customize by right clicking and choosing ‘Settings’ – there are three styles for the Start menu that you can choose from, as you can see below.


Monitor hardware temperature remotely

Many people associate Soluto with a software troubleshooter, but there’s more to it than just that. While detailing several pieces of information about your computer’s peripherals under the Hardware section – like the health of your laptop’s battery and hard drive – Soluto also lists a bunch of details that aren’t conspicuous.


For instance, you could click on the small arrow next to the CPU to get an idea of the temperature. Soluto also reports the motherboard’s temperature. There’s more: you can even issue a defragmentation command remotely and the process will take place when the system is idle.

Change browser homepage and search provider in a jiffy

Soluto lets you disable or remove unwanted browser addons that slow down your internet browsing experience. The ‘Internet’ section in the Soluto dashboard lists three categories that the addons fall into: safe to disable, possible to disable, and disabled addons and toolbars.

Two more useful settings go almost unnoticed: Soluto also allows you to customize the homepage URL in your browser as well. If you believe a malicious program has reset the default URL in your browser, you can change it to a blank page, or another custom URL – this is very useful when you’re monitoring someone’s computer remotely via Soluto.


Besides that, you can also change the default search engine, and sometimes even the default browser as well. See the screenshot above for reference.

If you’ve got more Soluto tips, do tell us in the comments below.

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