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Remove Flame Worm Right Away!

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You probably read the New York Times piece on US President Obama ordering a slew of cyber attacks against Iran and also the coverage around a new computer worm by the name Flame.

Flame (also known as the Skywiper or Flamer worm) has been out in the wild for an estimated three years. Flamer is made of a number of modules, totalling up to 20 MB in code size. This is five times larger than the typical size of these malware programs.

Flamer collects everything from text, screenshots to voice input data and transmits them in a compressed form to its creators. While Kaspersky has found out that the Flame has affected systems predominantly in the Middle East, you might  want to check your computer for the worm and remove it if it does exist.

Thankfully, BitDefender has released a Flame removal tool for both 32 bit and 64 bit computers that detects if your system is infected by the Flamer worm. Download the Flame removal tool from here and run it.

You’ll see a window like the one in the screenshot below open, and you can hit ‘Start Scan’ to make BitDefender check for a Flame infection in your computer.

Flame Removal Tool from BitDefender

If the Flamer worm wasn’t detected, the scan will stop without a warning!

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June 1st, 2012 at 4:53 pm

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  • More simple solution is… Use Linux. There are many user friendly distributions out there like Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Then you will find that you will hardly need to worry about viruses and worms.

    I am using Ubuntu from past three years. From then, I never had any malware. We do not even care to worry about antivirus and all the unwanted stuff.

  • bmcd

     you are awesome.

  • George_Spelvin

    Here’s a cookie, sparkey. I’ve run Windows since 3.1 and never had malware. Some of us would rather be able to run any software we want …but then we wouldn’t be a dickless linux fanboi, would we?