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Quick Tip: Google Transliterate Keyboard Shortcut

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If you use Google Transliterate to frequently type in multiple languages, read on. Google Transliterate IME, the desktop version of Google Transliterate, allows you to switch between different languages while typing on your computer.

Every time you want to switch between languages, you have to pause typing and then use your mouse to change the language from the option near the system tray. This could get pretty tiring for the keyboard fanatics among us.


Google Transliterate comes with a poorly publicised keyboard shortcut combination. The next time you want to switch between languages, just hit Shift and Alt together.  You don’t even have to pause typing. This saves only a few seconds, but keeps you less frustrated in the long run.

Hat tip: Suraj Bhooshan

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May 22nd, 2012 at 6:08 pm

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