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5 Ways To Make The Best Out Of Rapportive

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Regular readers would know that we’re big fans of Rapportive, a Gmail add-on that displays a sidebar widget linking to social profiles of contacts when you hover over their email addresses. Rapportive is far more feature-rich and advanced when compared to its official counter part, the Gmail People Widget.

You could do a lot more with Rapportive than just viewing contact information. Here are five little-known ways to to use Rapportive:

1. Use Rapportive to verify email addresses


As previously mentioned, you can use Rapportive to verify email addresses. If you’re guessing someone’s email address, just type it in the ‘To’ field and wait till Rapportive fills the sidebar with links to social profiles of that person. If Rapportive just loads a grey avatar, the email address probably doesn’t exist.

2. Use Raplets to add additional features

Raplets enable third party tools to integrate with Rapportive. Raplets can provide more information about the person you’re emailing. For instance, there’s a Raplet that adds a direct link to the CrunchBase profile of the person you’re shooting an email to. There’s another Raplet that displays the Kred score for profiles that appear in the sidebar.

Take a look at some featured Raplets here.

3. Make use of contact notes

Contact notes is probably Rapportive’s most underused feature. You might already be using Gmail Contacts to the same, but you’ll have to load Gmail contacts to see the notes every time. You can do the same thing in Rapportive as well.

Just jot down whatever you want to remember about a contact using the notes box that appears in the bottom of the Rapportive widget and hit ‘Save’ and they will be visible every time the contact’s profile loads in Gmail’s sidebar.


If your laptop is connected to a projector, you probably don’t want your contact notes to be visible to everyone. Rapportive doesn’t give you a hide button though. You can instead restore your Gmail window and move it to the right, so that the widget goes out of display area, as suggested by a Rapportive employee here.

4. Remember: Gmail People Widget is already integrated with Rapportive


If you thought you’re missing something by replacing Gmail’s People Widget with Rapportive, think again. Rapportive already works in tandem with the Gmail People Widget to display recent conversations and shared Google Docs files in the sidebar. You can even quickly call a number via Google Voice from the sidebar.

5. Use Rapportive with Mailplane

If you use Mailplane on your Mac to access Gmail, you can use Rapportive there as well. This page says you can turn Rapportive on from Mailplane’s preferences dialog. Just go to Preferences > Accounts > Plugins and check ‘Load Rapportive Gmail Plugin’. Voilà!

That’s about it. Got more tips that you think every Rapportive user should know? Use the comments section below to share your tips! (Thanks Shrihari from the Mailplane screenshot!)

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May 3rd, 2012 at 8:59 pm

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  • That’s a very useful article on Rapportive.. Thanks for it. I just now started using Rapportive for gmail and its awesome and very useful..