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Six Options To Backup Your Instagram Photos

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Now that Facebook has acquired Instagram, there’s some talk about what will happen to all our photos. Although Facebook doesn’t have a track record of killing companies it has acquired in the past, it’s safe to have a backup of your Instagram photos. If you want to export your Instagram photos and take them with you, here are six options to try:


1. Download all photos, or photos by date to your hard disk
Downloading your Instagram photos to your hard disk is a piece of cake with Instaport. After authorizing your account, you can download not only download all your Instagram photos but also limit the backup to photos you took between specific dates.

Besides that, you can also download photos from others that you had liked on Instagram. Instaport also promises to support porting of Instagram photos to Flickr and Facebook soon – so watch out!

2. Download Instagram photos individually

If you want to preview all your Instagram photos and download them individually, try Gramgrab. Gramgrab displays all your photos in a grid and you can click on selected photos to download them immediately to your computer.

3. Quickly download your photos from Mac or Windows Desktop

InstaBackup is a neat little app that you can use to backup all photos from your Instagram account to a specific folder on your Mac. Get the .dmg here.


Instagram Downloader is a bare bones desktop application for Windows that does pretty much the same thing – you don’t have to authenticate your account though. Type in any Instagram username and voila – all photos are grabbed instantly.

4. Print your Instagram photos

If you’re really concerned about privacy, you can print your Instagram photos using Prinstagram and delete them online. You can get them printed on a T-shirt, as a small book and in several other formats like they’ve mentioned on their site.

5. Backup Instagram photos to Dropbox

If you’re wary about Facebook shutting down Instagram (although we doubt that will happen at all), you can chroose to save your Instagram photos to Dropbox with Instadrop. Authenticate both Instagram and Dropbox and you’re good to go.

There’s a caveat: this service doesn’t save your old Instagram photos though. Only your future uploads are copied to Dropbox.

If you are aware of any other services that let you export your Instagram photos, let us know in the comments below!

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April 21st, 2012 at 7:01 pm

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