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iPhone Lock Screen Camera Icon Not Working

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If you recently updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 5.1, you should have noticed the Camera icon in your lock screen. Earlier, you had to tap the home button twice to make the Camera icon visible and then tap the icon to launch the Camera app.

With the new iOS 5.1 update, all you have to do is tap the home button once and the camera icon appears in the lock screen. That reduces one gesture. But if you tapped this Camera icon and all that happened was a bounce up and down, you came to the right place.


You need to hold the camera icon and swipe it upwards to launch the Camera app in iOS 5.1 – tapping it results in just a bounce. See the video below if you still can’t get it.

Swiping up camera icon in iPhone lock screen

Lots of people say that the two bars over the camera icon in the lock screen indicate the swipe up gesture, but we don’t think it’s as intuitive as it’s being touted. Our very own Apple fanboy Nikesh tried it and couldn’t get it at first try, so we’re just letting everyone know.

Remember: Swipe up the camera icon, not just tap.

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March 8th, 2012 at 9:47 pm

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  • Yoboibc

    Thanks so much this was perfect and really helped. You’re right, it’s not intuitive because in the previous software version you had to tap the icon, not swipe up, so this is a totally different gesture as before and is pretty confusing for even fanboy’s and Apple’s regular users

  • Donna P

    Brilliant!!  Thanks for this post – I simply COULD NOT figure it out!

  • Jolene

    Thank you so much for the post!! I was so confused today and thought I needed to go to change the setting or something on the camera..

  • Cole

    Thanks so much for posting this! You’re right, it’s not intuitive at all. I wish I had seen this *before* I reset my phone’s settings in an attempt to fix my camera :s

  • Lilimpao

    Thank you very much I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out

  • honnet

    contents are really good…

  • thats too goood man..!