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Three Tweetbot Features You’re Not Making Use Of

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If you are active on Twitter and if you’ve got an iPhone, chances are you’re using Tweetbot already. Tweetbot is, by far, the best Twitter client for iPhone.

Here are three tips that will make your Tweetbot experience better.

Customize triple tap to do any action

If you didn’t know already, you could triple tap on any tweet in Tweetbot and reply to it instantly. Alternatively, you could customize the action that has to take place when you triple tap a tweet.


From Tweetbot settings, you can configure triple tap to retweet, favourite, translate or even check it out in Favstar. See the screenshot above.

Turn on the ‘Post In Background’ feature

If you want to be able to do other things when your tweet is being posted, turn on the ‘post in background’ feature from the settings.  This is especially useful when you’re posting images or videos to your Twitter account.


You can play around with other screens on Tweetbot as the tweet is being posted, and the app notifies you with a ‘tweet posted’ message when it’s done with uploading your tweet. Should have been an opt-out feature, if you ask us. Thanks for the heads up, Nikesh!


Double tap a tab to mark as read

If you want to quickly mark the messages in a tab as read, just double press the tab quickly. For instance, to mark all your direct messages as read, just double tap the messages icon in the bottom and voila!


In addition to marking all the tweets in the view as read, double tapping also lets you scroll to the top and see the most recent tweet in the list.

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Written by Killer Tech Tips

February 28th, 2012 at 10:19 am