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6 Gmail URL Tricks Worth Knowing

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If you’re a long-time Gmail user, you might be using a lot of its powerful features. You can do quite a number of things by fiddling with the Gmail URL as well. Learning these Gmail URL tricks could save you some time and make you productive, so read on:

1. Load Gmail in HTML mode


Appending ui=htmlto the Gmail URL takes you to plain HTML mode, which loads much faster than the standard Gmail interface. The HTML mode is a barebones interface, but it could come pretty handy when you’re on a slow internet connection.

2. Switch to Gmail’s mobile interface


When you’re in a ridiculously slow connection and if you have to wait for a long time even for the HTML mode to load, you can get to Gmail’s mobile interface by adding ui=mobileto the URL. You can alternatively type in to go to the same.

3. Switch between multiple user accounts


If you use Gmail’s multiple sign-in feature, you probably use the navigation bar on top to switch between the accounts you’ve linked to. You could instead change the number that follows mail/u/ in the URL. Appending 1 like this: opens the second account you’ve linked to. Thanks Amit!

4. Bookmark any message in Gmail


Each email in your Gmail account has a permanent URL associated with it, which appears on the address bar when you load that particular message. You can bookmark this URL to quickly open the message from your browser. Could be useful when you just want to get to a message directly without searching for it.

5. Quick search from the URL bar


Searches in Gmail have a unique URL too. If you quickly want to do a search you could just append /#search/ followed by the term you want to search for. For instance, for ‘bill’ in Gmail.

6. Bookmark and quick-open any label in Gmail

Just like you’d bookmark messages and searches, you can also bookmark any label in Gmail. Just click on any label and hit Ctrl+D to bookmark the page. Label URLs in Gmail are of the form: You can pretty easily get to one label you often load this way. If you’ve got a tip, share it in the comments below.

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August 14th, 2011 at 8:22 pm

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