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How to restore the Public folder in Dropbox?

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If you are paranoid about backups, you probably have Dropbox installed already. By default, your Dropbox folder contains two folders – photos and public. By right-clicking on any file in the public folder, you could get a link to share that file with your friends via email, Twitter or Facebook.


Chances are you were pretty paranoid about sharing files online and deleted the ‘Public’ folder already. The only other way to share files on Dropbox is to put your contents in a particular folder and share that folder in its entirety, which is cumbersome.

What if you want to get the ‘public’ folder again? You could restore it from Dropbox’s web interface.

Login to, hit Show Deleted Files.


Choose the Public folder from the list below and click Restore folder from the More dropdown.


This works if you try to restore the Public folder within 30 days of deletion. What if you want to restore the Public folder later? There’s a way.

Just create a new folder in your Dropbox folder named Public. The public folder will now sync with Dropbox.


Notice that the default folder icon now changes into something with a globe, like the one below:


You can now put any items that you want to share into this folder and get a link for the same by right clicking and choosing Dropbox > Copy Public Link.


As easy as that.

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August 4th, 2011 at 11:04 pm

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