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Four Useful Right Click Tools For Windows

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Here’s a carefully chosen list of four really useful windows applications that add additional functions to the right click context menu in Windows. Each one of these right-click utilities serves a specific purpose. Read on to find out.

Menu Uninstaller


Tired of digging the ‘Add or remove programs’ option in the Control Panel to uninstall applications? Try Menu Uninstaller instead. The program adds an ‘Uninstall’ option to the right click menu of all shortcuts in the desktop and the Start menu. Clicking on the option immediately removes the program from your computer. Via Simple Help.

Virus Total Uploader

send-to-virus-total runs any file you upload through multiple antivirus engines and reports security results back to you. The Virus Total Uploader adds a new ‘Send to’ option to the Explorer right-click context menu that lets you upload any file from your desktop to the web service quickly for a thorough security check.



Teracopy lets you copy files faster without crashing Windows. You can choose any number of files in Windows Explorer, right-click and choose ‘Teracopy’ to pick the target folder where the selected files and folders have to be copied/moved by Teracopy.

If you’re a Teracopy user, check out our tips on using Teracopy efficiently.

Link Shell


Symlinks can be used to make folders or files appear in two locations, as though they were stored in both the locations. You can use the Link Shell utility for Windows Explorer to quickly create symlinks and hard links from the right click menu.

Find more such right-click tools in our previous compilation here.

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July 19th, 2011 at 7:46 pm

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  • Subin Priyan

    the first tool is awesome..thank you

  • Indeed, Menu Uninstaller is fantastic