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How To Share Photos From Any Flickr Set In Seconds?

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If you upload photos to Flickr, chances are you might want to let your friends and family download all your photos in one go. However, Flickr doesn’t provide a way to download photos in a set at once.

However, a third party app by the name Flick and Share comes to the rescue. Once you connect it to your Flickr account, you can use it to generate a short URL for any photo set that you’ve got. You can then share this link with anyone and they can click on it to download all the photos in the set immediately.

Here’s a thorough review of the application in action.

First you go to and hit ‘Start Now’


You can then login with your Yahoo! ID and password.


Once that is done, you need to explicitly authorize ‘Flick and Share’ by clicking the ‘OK, I’ll authorize it’ button. This will let the application access your photos so that it can make them available for download later.


All photo sets from your Flickr account will now be displayed. You can hover over any of them and choose ‘Share’.


Wait for a few seconds as the service now tries to access your photos. Once the background processes are complete, you’ll now be informed that your photo set is ready for sharing. Click ‘Get your sharing link’.


The link will now appear. Click ‘Copy to clipboard’ to copy the URL. You can then share the link via email, Facebook, Twitter.

Anyone opening the link will be greeted by a page similar to the one below:


When ‘Download the set’ is clicked, a Java applet will run on the browser.


The ‘Browse’ button can be to choose a location where the photos from the Flickr set have to be saved. The photos will start downloading when the ‘Download!’ button is pressed.


There are a bunch of tools and apps that let you download photos from your Flickr albums at once, but Flick and Share lets you share them with anyone in a jiffy using just a URL. Check out Flick and Share.

If you know of similar services, please tell us in the comments section below.

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June 16th, 2011 at 1:08 pm

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  • shaggy_prime

    Pretty neat man!!! That too without breaking a sweat. Cheers!

  • shaggy_prime

    and yeah, its already on Hacker news!!!

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t know about Flick and Share.  Nice!