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6 Tips For Evernote Nerds

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Evernote has become the de facto application for note taking and scrap booking for many of us. The user interface simply cuts the job and that’s why it’s one of the most popular note taking apps in the market.

Look below for some tips on making the best out of Evernote. We hope these are new to you. If you find a useful tip in here, do share the article on Facebook or Twitter.

1. Speed up Evernote with the secret Debug menu

Exit Evernote, hit Win+R and type Evernote.exe /DebugMenu. Evernote should pop up with a new menu option – Debug. Choose Optimize Database from the menu.


Evernote does optimize its database automatically, but if you feel it’s been running slowly for a while, use this option to speed it up. This should make searches faster too. Thanks Matthew!

2. Create a new note from clipboard using Ctrl+Alt+V

Previously mentioned shortcut combo Ctrl+Alt+V puts the contents of the clipboard right into Evernote as a new note. Works from any application in Windows. The clipboard content could either be text or images.

3. Encrypt selected text with a passphrase

If you’re storing sensitive data like your passwords in your Evernote account, you might want to encrypt that information so that it doesn’t get sniffed. Select any piece of text in your note and go to Format > Encrypt Selected Text.


You’ll have to enter a passphrase, and the next time you open Evernote, the encrypted text will be locked like you see in the screenshot above. You’ll have to enter the passphrase to decrypt it.

4. Put a todo list inside your notes

If you are using a basic task management application and Evernote at the same time, you can probably ditch the former. Go to Format > Insert Checkbox or hit Ctrl+Shift+C to add a todo list in your note.


You can now start typing your task. Hit Enter and press the shortcut again to insert another task.

5. Enable automatic syncing

By default, Evernote doesn’t sync your notes automatically to the web. You might find that some of your recently created notes are not available from the web interface.


Go to Tools > Options > Sync and check Synchronize automatically to make Evernote sync your content at specific intervals. Pretty helpful if you use Evernote frequently. Thanks PC Geek Blog!

6. Change the sync shortcut for convenience

Many of us find it hard to reach the rarely-used function keys on our keyboard. Evernote uses F9 as the default shortcut for syncing but in case you want to change it to Ctrl+S or something really convenient, try this Autohotkey script:

SetTitleMatchMode, 2
#IfWinActive Evernote
Send {F9}

Having said that, Evernote does let you customize shortcut keys for a bunch of actions. Go to Tools > Options > Hotkeys to do the same.

If you’re a long time Evernote user, share your know-how in the comments section below.

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June 13th, 2011 at 7:10 pm

  • Dominique Dejonghe

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  • Juliasays

    Just something I discovered recently and I want to
    share.  actually you can consider this as tip # 7.  🙂
    There is a free online tool –, which
    you can use to upload your Kindle “my clippings” directly to evernote.  You can also convert your clippings to other
    s word or pdf, just in case you prefer those format more.  Hope you can find this tip useful.  I also wanna hear yours.