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6 Windows Explorer Tips You Should Know

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Windows Explorer – used everyday, but ignored everyday. Use the tips below to make the best out of Windows Explorer – all it takes is less than a minute to learn the shortcut below or customize the settings.

1. Create a new folder with a keyboard shortcut

New Folder Keyboard Shortcut for Windows 7

There are dime a dozen new keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7, but the one that many people don’t seem to know about is Ctrl+Shift+N. Pressing the three keys together creates a new folder immediately. It’s specific to Windows Explorer, but it also works from the desktop.

2. Search for only folder names

By default, searching in Windows Explorer returns both files and folders that have matching names. However, if you’d like to restrict searches to match only folders that contain the word you’re searching for, just add the kind:folder modifier to your search query. As easy as that.

3. Save searches to save time

If you frequently perform the same search in Windows, you might want to save the search to save some time. For example, if you often end up for docx files everyday, you can hit the Save Search button in the toolbar and save it anywhere (preferably the desktop). You can then launch the search instantly the next time by just double-clicking.

4. Use checkboxes to select multiple items

If you’re not really confident about using your mouse to select multiple items, you can uses checkboxes to pick files and folders in Windows Explorer. Just go to Tools > Folder Options > View tab and activate ‘Use check boxes to make selection’. This is particularly handy for anyone who is new to computers. Thank PC World for the tip.

5. Unhide the menu bar

If you’ve been a Windows user for a very long time, chances are you frequently use the Explorer menu bar to do your tasks. It’s hidden by default and you can hold down the Alt key to make it appear for a while. To make Explorer permanently show the menu bar, just go to Tools > Folder Options > View tab and choose ‘Always show menus’. You’re done.

6. Get addons to enhance basic functions

You thought only your browser can have addons? There are plenty of third party programs available for Windows Explorer that let you add additional features. From Teracopy that enhances the file copying process to Foldermarker that lets you color code folders, there are plenty of apps available to choose from. Check out this list the author compiled a few years ago.

If you’ve got any more tips, let us know in the comments.


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June 8th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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