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Three Teracopy Tips You Should Know

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Teracopy replaces the in built file copying tool in Windows. You may or may not agree upon the fact that it speeds up file copying, but we’re pretty sure it’s much more stable than the default Windows copying utility.

Check out the list below for three tips on putting Teracopy to good use.

1. Use the command line parameters

Teracopy can be launched from the command line to perform file moving/copying functions and you can even specify advanced options from there. For example:

TeraCopy.exe D:\Source\File.txt D:\Destination

copies File.txt from Source to Destination. You can also send additional options to Teracopy from the command line this way:

TeraCopy.exe D:\Source\File.txt D:\Destination /RenameAll

There are several options to choose from:

  • /SkipAll
  • /OverwriteOlder
  • /RenameAll
  • /OverwriteAll
  • /NoClose

The built-in copy command lets you do most of these, but we certainly think Teracopy’s long name options are much easier to remember.

2. Explore the Options.ini file

Teracopy has an options.ini file buried deep inside the AppData directory in your hard drive. There are about a dozen settings you can customize by altering the values in the file. Edit it and call yourself a Teracopy nerd.

You can alter anything ranging from the width and height of the Teracopy window to sound notifications. According to this manual, you can even add the ‘ExtraApp’ parameter to specify the path to an application that should launch along with Teracopy. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

3. Shutdown When Copying Is Over

There’s an option in the Teracopy window that automatically shuts down your PC when copying is complete. It’s often overlooked, but it’s pretty helpful when you start copying a large number of files at midnight, leaving your computer on.

You can activate it by just clicking ‘Shutdown’ near the top right. Take a look at the screenshot above.

If you’re a Teracopy fanboy, why not share your tips in the comments?

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June 6th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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  • Masterpas79

    If I use the auto shutdown function of Teracopy, how will I know if all the copied files will be verified? Can I see that in a log file or something?

  • SriniV

    Copy command is useless. But in Windows 7, we have xcopy which provides lot of options. But this does not have auto shutdown options, but you can always do it by calling shutdown command after xcopy in a batch file.

  • David Brown

    What do you mean “copy command” is useless? Do you mean the native Windows Explorer copy feature?