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10 Surefire Ways To Get Extra Disk Space In Your Android Phone

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Chances are you got an Android phone recently and you are already fed up with low disk space warnings like this one below.

There are quite a number of things that hog up your Android phone’s internal memory but if you desperately need some extra space, read on (republished from

1. Move apps to memory card with App 2 SD

Install App 2 SD and choose any of the apps shown on the App 2 SD screen to move them to memory card. What’s more – App 2 SD also alerts you via the notification bar when you install an app that can be moved away from internal memory. App 2 SD is an essential tool to have if you frequently download apps.

2. Clear browser cache

When was the last time you checked the amount of disk space occupied by your browser’s cache? Clear it up when you desperately need disk space. That 7 MB from cache could help you install a new app! Just go to Browser Settings and hit the Clear Cache option. While you’re at it, make sure you Clear Cookies too!

Or check out the History Eraser app that deletes cache, web history, cookies and search histories on a multitude of apps in seconds.

3. Switch to Dolphin Browser to save cache in SD card

The default Android browser doesn’t let you save cache in SD card, but we suggest you ditch it for the Dolphin Browser app. Dolphin browser gives you an option to save cache either in the internal memory or in the memory card. Just go to Settings > Advanced Settings and check Cache to SD. You actually get a totally different and better browsing experience with Dolphin.

4. Clear cache content from other apps

You can delete cached content from other Android apps on your phone by using the Applications menu under Settings. Click on any app and click Clear Cache to delete cache information stored on the disk by that app. Do not hit Clear Data – that would delete all saved settings and game levels that have already been unlocked.

5. Clear cached content from other apps, quickly

If you can’t spare a few minutes to delete individual app caches, enter Quick App Clean Cache. For a small price, this app lists the cached content by size, quick deletes search histories and instantly deletes cached content from all apps (this works only if your phone is rooted, though).

6. Clear email downloads and check email settings

If you’re using any mail app that’s bundled with your phone, chances are it’s keeping week-old copies of your emails and attachments. You can clear that up to save some space on your disk.

7. Use DiskUsage to visualize disk space usage

Using the DiskUsage app, you can visually see what’s taking up a lot of space in your phone’s internal memory and your SD card. You can then decide to uninstall apps that are taking too much space, or move it to the SD card. If any unused files are stored in the internal memory, you can choose what to do with them as well.

8. Monitor overall disk usage constantly with MiniInfo

If you don’t want to use an exclusive app for monitoring disk usage by individual directories, you can keep a tab on how much overall space is left on your disk by installing the MiniInfo Widget. There are similar widgets available in the market, but MiniInfo is by far the most comprehensive.

9. Just uninstall the apps

Android App Bulk Uninstaller

If you tried all this and you’re still out of luck, the best thing you can do is prune the list of installed apps on your phone. Just uninstall apps that you really don’t need from Settings > Manage Applications. Go there, hit the Menu key on your phone and choose Sort by size. This should give you an idea of what’s occupying the most size on your phone.

10. Bulk Uninstall Apps

If you find the default method of uninstalling apps on your Android phone cumbersome (especially when letting go of many apps at once), you might want to give Apps Uninstall a go. Just install it and star the items you want to remove, and hit the Menu button to batch uninstall apps. It is kinda funny that you have to install a new app to actually remove multiple apps in one go, but it’s worth it.

Good luck, and let us know if you have any questions!

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