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Five Tips For A Better Grooveshark Experience

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If Grooveshark is your number one destination for music all day, read on. We’ve got five tips you can use to make the Grooveshark experience better.

1. Put GrooveShark On Your Desktop


Go here and get the Adobe AIR based GrooveShark app. Install it and you can then launch GrooveShark by clicking on a desktop icon. You don’t have to fiddle with browser tabs anymore. It’s almost like a desktop music player. Download it here.

2. Remove The Annoying Ads


If the ads on the sidebar on Grooveshark annoy you and make the Grooveshark experience less enchanting, it’s time you install this extension for Google Chrome. Advertisements won’t show up the next time you visit If you’re using Firefox, install this Userscript instead.

3. Control Grooveshark Using Keyboard Shortcuts


If you live by GrooveShark all day, you can install keySharky that helps you add any custom keyboard shortcut to play, pause, stop, go to previous/next song on GrooveShark. keySharky’s Firefox counterpart is here.

4. Quickly share songs from Chrome Toolbar

If you like sharing music with your friends, you should check out TinySong’s Chrome addon. You can click on the addon’s icon in the Chrome toolbar to type a song, get a link and share it on Twitter or other social networks. The song will play on Grooveshark.

5. Forget switching tabs to control Grooveshark Player


You’ll often have to switch tabs to control the music being played on sharkZapper for Google Chrome adds a toolbar icon with playback controls – you can pretty much do anything on GrooveShark from the Chrome toolbar without leaving your browser tab – play, pause, go to next/previous song, favourite and a lot more.

If you’re still using Firefox, try GrooveShark Remote Control.

6. Show Lyrics for Songs


This addon for Google Chrome fetches lyrics for the currently playing song from and displays them right on the GrooveShark page. You have to hit the ‘Ly’ button on top and the lyrics will show up. This, along with, with the Ads-free GrooveShark extension mentioned above, make a good combo.

If you’ve got a superduper Grooveshark tip, tell us in the comments section below.

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April 8th, 2011 at 8:10 pm

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    Grooveshark needs no recommendation. It is the best online music service out there. It is your one-stop music hangout where you can search for, stream, and upload music that can be played immediately or added to a playlist. It also comes with a recommendation engine where you can find the popular songs other people are listening.

    By default, Grooveshark is only accessible via a browser. To use it, the usual way is to open your browser (or open a new tab), go to the Grooveshark site and start listening to your music. This isn’t really the most user-friendly way.

  • thank you for sharing the Grooveshark tips i am basically a beginner using these kind of helpful to me appreciate

  • thank you for sharing the Grooveshark tips i am basically a beginner using these kind of helpful to me appreciate

  • Guest

    “If you’re still using Firefox” was a silly comment. of course we use FF4, it’s better than chrome in every single parameter.

  • I’m a Chrome fanboy. Let me confess that.

  • You’re welcome. Do share the article with your friends and family 🙂

  • Johndoe

    “its better than chrome in every single parameter” was a silly comment, because its not true. I like firefox, but chrome is fantastic. 

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