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Updates to the Text Only Chrome Extension

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The Open in Text Only Mode Chrome addon has now been renamed as Text Only, Please. The response has been amazing – a lot of you have poured in your suggestions via Facebook, blog posts and the like.

I’ve now pushed an update to the extension that adds an icon to the toolbar – clicking on the toolbar icon will reload the current tab in text only format. You can still right click on any link to load the web page it points to in text only format.

Please go here to download it or click ‘Update extensions’ from your Chrome Extensions page.

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March 27th, 2011 at 7:10 pm

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  • Looks like I’m quite late to try it out. 😛
    Works like a charm and really helpful. Second to iReader.

    One feature I’d like to see in future will be instead of opening in a new tab, the text mode appearing in a modal/light box on the very same tab. Cheers!

  • Currently, there’s a toolbar icon that just reloads the current tab in text mode.

    This seems like a good idea. Will note 🙂

  • This seems like a good idea thanks

  • You’re welcome. If you liked it, please share the addon with your friends and family 🙂

  •  I’d like to know if it downloads all those things & shows only the text, or it downloads only the text

  • @twitter-97896668:disqus  It preserves text+images+links

  • karamath

    good post man keep going on..