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Open any link in text only mode in Google Chrome

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Ever opened a web page that’s completely filled with ads? Chances are you’re not alone. Many of us have to wade through blocks of flashy ads before any useful content loads on a page. Some ads can be tolerated, but you can’t stand many of them.

That’s why I’ve made this extension for Chrome. Once installed, you can right click on any link in Google Chrome and choose ‘Open in text only mode’. The web page you clicked on will open in a new tab, devoid of ads and clutter.

Right click option to open pages in text-only format

Sample page in text-only mode

Page opened via

The extension currently uses to parse text and I haven’t used the API yet. There are more features that I’m thinking of adding. I’m open to feedback in the comments. Please leave your thoughts. Thanks to Sathyabhat for offering me help in the final minutes before release.

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March 25th, 2011 at 10:33 pm

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