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The Only Facebook Blocking Guide You’ll Ever Need!

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If you think you are spending too much time on Facebook, it’s time to block the site and get some productive work done. Here are five quick ways to block Facebook – the site itself, the sporadic Like buttons, or instant personalization. Read on.

1. Facebook Disconnect for Google Chrome


If you hate the pesky Facebook Like buttons on blogs and websites, this addon for Google Chrome is all you need. Facebook Disconnect, made by an ex-Googler, prevents Like buttons from showing up anywhere on the web. It does not block the actual Facebook site, though.

2. Block Instant Personalization Forever


Your Facebook information is shared with certain exclusive sites like Pandora/Bing to customize your experience on those sites. This is an opt-out feature. You can turn this off if you go to Privacy Settings > Edit Settings and uncheck Enable instant personalisation on partner websites. Good to go.

3. Block Facebook Completely With Hosts File

The system hosts file is a way of telling your computer where a site is. You can use that to quickly block Facebook without having to install any additional browser extensions or software. All you need to do is hit Winkey + R, wait for the Run dialog to appear, and type: notepad C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. Edit the file to append
at the end, as you can see in the screenshot above. Save and exit. Facebook should no longer load, since we’ve made refer to, which is your own computer.

4. Block Facebook If Used More Than Ten Minutes

If you don’t want to block the Facebook site completely using the Hosts file method mentioned above, you can instead choose to block Facebook for a specific time interval. Just download and install the StayFocusd extension for Google Chrome (or LeechBlock if you’re using Firefox). For instance, you can choose to block Facebook after an hour of usage. Come back and thank us if your productivity improved.

5. Block App Spam and Crap Messages on Facebook

If you actually want to use Facebook, but can’t stand the crappy apps, try the FB Purity Extension for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari. FB Purity clears out updates from unwanted spammy applications and hides notifications that appear on your feed when your friends join groups or attend events. It strips all your Facebook pages down to what you may actually find worth reading. You can also choose to blacklist or whitelist additional apps.

If you’ve got a tip about blocking Facebook, tell us in the comments.

Written by Killer Tech Tips

February 13th, 2011 at 11:27 pm

  • This trick really helpful in official time. Thanks i will implement these tricks on my office computers.

  • lol i can only say “just awesome” :D:D:D:D

  • Mata

    get a life, and stop using facebook, it’s for sure you only got 1 or maybe 2 real friends out there.

  • Anger Management

    How funny it is when people think that if you spend time online you got no friends, it is all about how well you balance social life with online life. Oh well… Anyway, the quickest way to stop using Facebook is to delete the account. Permanently.

  • Jason

     You’re instructions for editing the hosts file won’t work as written on Windows 7. Notepad will run under your user account which does not have security access to the hosts file. To get around this, click Start, type notepad into the search box, then right click on the result and chose “Run as Administrator”. Notepad will start with administrator access and you can use File->open to open up the hosts file and make the proper changes.

  • Yahsas

    have made edits to the host file but I am getting an error now whenever I hit the back button on a page which has this plugin:

    Is there a way to eliminate this error?

  • Devvingcoder

     Go to the start menu and to notepad, right click and run as Administrator. It will work then.

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  • Zaheen Haris

    Block facebook if used more than 10 mins. That sounds good. I would extend the time to half an hour daily. Its perfect. People usually waste most of the time on social sites like fb, whatsapp and twitter when they can do many productive stuff.
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