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Six Instapaper Tools For Passionate Readers

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All of us who devour a lot of online content love Instapaper. It’s more than just another web tool – it’s a savior. There are many occasions when we’re busy, and Instapaper comes to the rescue by allowing us to save articles for reading later. It’s a very simple app, but it serves the purpose. Here are six tools that you must know about, if you’re an Instapaper user:

1. InstaChrome

Google Chrome addon InstaChrome allows you to quickly access all of Instapaper’s features. With the click of a button, you can save articles for later reading on Instapaper or see the text view of the current webpage. In addition, you can also use the toolbar menu to quickly access starred and archived items.


Besides just that, having Instachrome installed allows you to use the Alt + Shift + S shortcut key combination to instantly send an article to your Instapaper account.

2. InstaReader

Google Reader allows you to send items on your reading list to Instapaper – you just have to check Instapaper from the Settings – Send To option.


But, if you let InstaReader know your starred items URL, it automatically syncs those to your Instapaper account.No clicks – just hit S on your keyboard for them to be synced to Instapaper.

3. InstaFetch

Instapaper doesn’t have an official Android app – but InstaFetch gets close and does almost all you’d expect in an official app. Instapaper Lite allows you to sync and read articles from your Instapaper account on any Android device.

You can also use the Share > Add to InstaFetch option to save articles to Instapaper from your Android phone. InstaFetch is also available for Windows 7 based phones.

4. Instascriber

If you don’t follow too many blogs and only have a few RSS feeds in your list, use InstaScriber. It auto-adds new articles from any RSS URL to your Instapaper account so you can catch up with your favourite blogs at your leisure. Forget adding them manually.

5. Instapaper Three/Grey Styled

Instapaper site is pretty much bland and doesn’t make the best use of screen space. Instapaper Threestyled makes the site more usable by optimizing the page layout. With Threestyled, your folders are shown on the left, and your articles are listed prominently on remaining part of the page.


You must get the Threestyled userscript if you use the site itself. However, if you use Instapaper on your phone/iPad, this isn’t of much use to you.

6. Instapaper Beyond – Keyboard Shortcuts

Instapaper Beyond adds keyboard shortcuts to the Instapaper site for quick sifting items on your reading list. Your reading materials are AJAXified – so you can star them or move them while viewing. You can also instantly send articles to Evernote or Delicious. This works only with Safari on Mac, though.

If you use any tools that complement Instapaper’s functionality, please don’t forget to tell us in the comments.

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February 9th, 2011 at 8:35 pm

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