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Five Ways To Power Up Notepad

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Notepad is a program we all love despite all its shortcomings. It’s simple and humble, yet on many occasions it does the trick. Here are five Notepad tricks that you should know.

1. Notepad as a powerful todo list


If you already use Notepad to keep track of your tasks, the Todo.txt project has a command line utility that lets you quickly add items to your todo list. There’s also an app from them that that uses Dropbox to sync your todo.txt file to any Android phone. The app also lets you tag tasks.

2. Use it as a journal


Open Notepad, type .LOG and close the file after saving. Open the saved file, and you’ll see that Notepad has automatically inserted the current time and date. Notepad will do this every time you open this log file, and you can use it as a simple journal to log your activities.

3. Notepad with MS Office-like Ribbon


FluentNotepad is Notepad on steroids. No, it doesn’t add bloat. It is a single .exe file, works just like Notepad but there’s an MS Office-like Ribbon toolbar using which you can access text editing options in a jiffy. In addition, there are several default templates available from which you can create new files.

4. Dump Clipboard Contents Temporarily

The Clipboard holds only the last block of text that was copied, but you can quickly dump the Clipboard’s contents into Notepad before you press Ctrl + C again. Notepad may not really replace an advanced Clipboard manager but if you’re not really a power user, this should do the job for you.

5. Strip Formatting From Copied Text

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If you’ve ever pasted something from MS Word into other programs, you should have noticed that a lot of random junk gets inserted along with the actual text. You can paste this into Notepad and it strips all the formatting and random code. You can then paste it into your editor of choice.

How have you been using Notepad? If you have a tip up your sleeve, share it in the comments section!

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February 7th, 2011 at 10:54 am

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