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7 Google Chrome Productivity Tips

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1. Cap the number of open tabs using No More Tabs


If you frequently open new sites that kill your time, this extension has been made just for you. No More Tabs lets you set a limit on the number of tabs you can open in a Chrome Window – just dig up the No More Tabs Options to set a number. If your limit has been set as four and if you open tab five, the first tab gets killed automatically.

Download No More Tabs

2. Use the yellow markers when doing Ctrl + F searches


If you frequently use Ctrl + F to search for terms on a particular page, you’d have used the arrows in the Find text box to navigate between matches. But did you know that the yellow markers in the scroll bar can be used to quickly go to that part of the page where matches have been found? Remember this tip the next time you use the Find dialog.

3. Save webpages for reading later with Instachrome


If you found something interesting to read but if you’ve got some serious work to do, chances are you might want to bookmark it for later reading. Using the Instachrome extension, you can quickly save interesting items to your Instapaper account and read them later from your Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Google Reader or Android device.

Download Instachrome

4. Reduce distractions by disabling desktop notifications


The desktop pop-up notifications feature of Google Chrome can be mildly annoying, and can really distract you when you’re doing important work. Just go to Options > Under the Hood and change the notifications setting to Do not allow any site to show desktop notifications. They will be turned off, and they will not appear again.

5. Block sites using StayFocusd Extension


Using StayFocusd, you can block sites or subdomains from loading after you’ve used them for a specific time interval. For instance, you can block for the rest of the day if you’ve used it for 15 minutes. There are a bunch of options that let you choose the active hours during which the extension should monitor sites, and you can even activate a challenging typing test that you’ll have to pass if you want to change the settings.

Download StayFocusd

6. Enable Side Tabs


If your browser has more than a dozen tabs open and if you use a widescreen monitor, it’s time to switch to side tabs. Just go to about:flags and click Enable under Side Tabs. You can then right click the tab bar on top and choose Use Side Tabs. Stacking tabs vertically gives you extra horizontal space and this will be super helpful if you’re into web design.

7. Use the address bar to perform calculations

Google Chrome As Calculator

With Chrome running, you don’t have to start the Windows Calculator application or scramble for a real calculator to do some quick arithmetic. Just type your expression in the address bar, and Google Chrome will instantly show you the answers. It can also do unit conversions, and that should be another good reason for you to try it out.

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January 31st, 2011 at 7:00 pm