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9 Nifty Apps That Make Your Favourite Software Even Better

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Let us confess: we love downloading and trying out new software. But, very so often, applications do have their own shortcomings. Thankfully, there are plenty of little programs that add extra functionality to our favourite applications in a breeze. Check out the list below to find some indispensable apps that make it a little it more easier to use your favourite software.

CCleaner Enhancer

Here’s a quick way to instantly feel more gratified when reclaiming disk space using CCleaner: just install CCleaner Enhancer that adds definitions to clean 270+ odd applications into CCleaner. The application updates an .ini file to power up CCleaner’s Applications tab with the ability to clean temporary files left by a multitude of desktop software.

Download CCleaner Enhancer

Dropbox Folder Sync

The Dropbox app does not sync files outside the Dropbox folder. Dropbox Folder Sync comes to the rescue by allowing you to do just that – you just have to right click on any folder in your computer and choose ‘Sync with Dropbox’. The app immediately moves that folder into your Dropbox directory and creates a symbolic link in the original place, so that it can be accessed just like before.

Download Dropbox Folder Sync


For those of you who still run the Google Talk desktop application, gAlwaysIdle could save you from annoying contacts when you’re busy. You can use gAlwaysIdle to remain ‘Always Idle’ when you’re logged in to Google Talk. Besides that, you can also choose to disable notifications from the desktop GTalk client.

Download gAlwaysIdle

Messenger Plus! Live

For the Windows Live Messenger fans amongst us, Messenger Plus! Live is a godsend. Messenger Plus! Live allows you to search your indexed chat history right from the log viewer. It brings tabbed chats, gorgeous skins, quick text templates, multiple account sign-ins and more. You can also create personalized statuses and autoresponders. It can’t get better than this, honestly.

Download Messenger Plus! Live

iTunes Watcher


iTunes does not watch your media folders for new files, by default. Your only choice is to manually add new songs. iTunes Watcher gets around this problem by staying active in the system tray and monitoring the folders of your choice for new media files. When there’s anything new, it automatically adds them to your iTunes Library.

Download iTunes Folder Watch or check out more ways to fix iTunes



Uploading photos to your Picasa Albums account from Picasa is really easy, but what if you want to share your pictures on Flickr? Picasa2Flickr button for Picasa comes in handy. Once installed, a ‘Send to Flickr’ button appears at the bottom of Picasa, clicking on which you can upload your photos to Flickr in a breeze.

Download Picasa2Flickr


Offisync brings Google Docs to MS Office. Once installed, you can use the Offisync toolbar in MS Office applicationsto load Google Doc files into MS Office, just like you’d open local files. Changes during collaboration are tracked and synced in real time. You can also search Google right from inside Offisync to add relevant content your document.

Download Offisync


HyperIM is a status manager that integrates with every major IM client out there and it it is very powerful – you can use it to show your currently playing music, lyrics, torrent downloads, display posts from an RSS feed – as your IM status. You can create dynamic status messages using variables. HyperIM has over 40 supported plugins that also add a load of goodies.

Download HyperIM


Transmute can copy bookmarks back and forth between multiple browsers on your computer – you needn’t fiddle with weird bookmark files. Just launch Transmute, choose the browsers and that’s it. Transmute supports quite a number of browsers, as you can see from the screenshot above. You can also schedule automatic backups.

Download Transmute

If you’ve got a new tool that improves previously installed software on your computer, please tell us in the comments. We’re all ears.

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