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Three Apps That Power Your Keyboard’s Underused Numpad

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Clickety Click. That’s one part of your keyboard. Silence on the other, thanks to the only-occasionally-used number pad.  You really have to think about putting those nine keys on the number pad to good use. Doing that will certainly increase your productivity, we vouch. May be you can power it up with the applications below?

ControlPad – Launch Applications From Numpad

ControlPad transforms your keyboard’s numpad into an application launcher. Hit the asterisk key on your keyboard to activate ControlPad. You can then associate any set of numbers to open a document, URL or an application.

It doesn’t end with numbers, though. You can even associate a string with a launch action. There’s a commands.ini file which you can edit to add new codes for ControlPad. Download ControlPad.

3x3Links – Quickly Launch Your Favourite Sites Using Numpad

3x3Links is like Google Chrome’s Start Page, only more powerful. You can organize your favourite sites inside folders. When you click on a folder, you get another start page with links to websites you’ve added. 3x3Links is hosted on the web – you can access it from any computer using a URL.

The best part? You can navigate and launch links using the number pad on your keyboard. 3x3Links scores in two areas: it’s hosted on the web, and you can organize sites into folders. Visit 3x3Links.

WinLayout – Move and Resize Windows Using NumPad

WinLayout is a single, 320 KB .exe file, but it does a lot of things for its size. By combining Win or Alt or Ctrl and any of the Number Pad keys, you can do 45 different window movement and resizing tricks.

For instance, you can hit Win key +  to move the currently active window to bottom right. Win key + 7 moves it to bottom left. Power users will certainly find it indispensable for the sheer variety of actions that it makes possible just with your keyboard. Download WinLayout.

If you know of any more numpad+productivity improving applications, let us know in the comments section below!

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December 21st, 2010 at 12:00 am