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Kiss PDF Readers Goodbye Today – Five Alternatives

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Let’s face it: we hate PDF Readers. They’re bulky, and with every update, they only seem to get bigger and bigger (yes, I’m talking to you Adobe Reader). But do we really need PDF Readers anymore? It’s all about cloud now. Your browser and web apps combined can do most PDF related tasks with perfection.

1) Open PDF Files With Google Chrome

Google Chrome’s Dev Channel sports an in-built PDF Reader. All you need to do is enable the Chrome PDF Viewer Plugin from chrome://plugins/. Once you’ve enabled it, you can drag and drop any PDF file from your hard disk into Google Chrome and it will open magically.

Chrome PDF Reader Alternative

Google Chrome’s PDF Viewer lacks features but if all that you do is open and read PDFs, this surely cuts it. Advanced users needn’t worry though – they’re constantly working to improve the viewer plugin so expect more features built in soon. If you want to open PDF files that are hosted online, you can use the slightly-better Google Docs viewer.

2) Convert DOC to PDF Files With Addons/Inbuilt Tools/Google Docs

If you want to convert files from .DOC to PDF, don’t fret. It’s a piece of cake with Microsoft Word 2007’s ‘Save as PDF plugin‘. When you want to save your document as a PDF file, just click on the Microsoft Office button on top, click Save As and choose PDF or XPS.

Create PDF Files without PDF Reader Adobe

If you don’t use Microsoft Office, you can always use OpenOffice to export your documents as PDF (see this guide). If you don’t have both these tools, just use Google Docs to convert files to PDF in a batch. It’s quite easy, take a look at this guide from Digital Inspiration.

3) Password Protect PDF Files Online In Seconds

If you ever need to encrypt a PDF file, you don’t need the help of huge PDF readers either. Don’t trade your bandwidth and hard disk space for software that slows down your computer. Just go to

PDF Reader Alternative Replacement

Upload the PDF file of your choice, set a password and choose the encryption type. While we recommend the higher encryption strength, the site warns you that such files won’t open in older PDF readers – your friends may still be stuck with them!

4) Unlock PDF Files Quickly

PDF files may often be locked – you may need to input a password just to open them. In some cases, PDF protection may prevent you from copying or printing the file. Just pass it through

PDF Unlocking Reader Replacement

If a password prevents a PDF file from opening, you need to provide the password to download the unlocked file. If the file is just locked to prevent it from copying, you can just upload it and will automatically break those restrictions.

5) Fill and Create PDF Forms Online

PDFEscape allows you to fill PDF forms in a breeze. What’s more – you can even create fillable PDF forms for others. It’s a powerhouse of PDF editing tools, and works from any internet browser that has Javascript enabled.

PDF Editor Replacement

All kinds of form fields are supported – text, buttons, lists, etc. Annotations are also supported. If you’re still hanging on to your age-old PDF reader for just this purpose, it’s about time you switched.

We guess that helped. Download-able software are just plain boring and when it comes to PDF readers, it’s even more annoying. It’s high time you got rid of them.

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December 20th, 2010 at 12:00 am

  • Why go through all this trouble.. Just download and install a simple free pdf reader like Foxit!!!

  • If you are on Office 2010, you probably won’t need the ‘Save as PDF plugin’ since the functionality comes in-built with this version.

  • Hey,

    I just found that installing Office 2007 SP2 gets you this functionality without having to install plugins.

  • Thanks – good tip!

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    Thank you for the info. Just also want to share this other way of pdf conversion. see this- it’s free

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