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Creating Tests Online Made Easy With Zoho Challenge

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(Full Disclosure: The author is currently working as an intern at Zoho)

Zoho Challenge is a nifty web application that will let you generate tests online in a breeze. Zoho Challenge’s test generator helps teachers by letting them create tests online. They just need to add questions in the question bank, and at the click of a few buttons, they can create tests and assign them to students.

Zoho Challenge has also been adapted by businesses to evaluate candidates for job selection. Zoho Challenge takes all the pain away from the test generation process – teachers only feed the questions, and Zoho Challenge takes care of everything else you can think of – evaluation, results generation and more.

Here’s a quick walk-through showing how to create tests using Zoho Challenge:

Go to and login. There’s OpenID support, that means you can also login with your usernames elsewhere. The author used his Google identity to sign in.

After logging in, a question bank can be created by hitting the ‘New Question Bank’ button.  Give a question bank name, and description and hit ‘Create’.

A WYSIWYG editor makes adding questions quite easy – you can choose between several types – multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blanks or descriptive answers. There’s also support for comprehension – which means you can give candidates a passage or a case study and question them on it – pretty cool, isn’t it? You can assign points, tag questions and hit save.

Once you’ve added all the questions you wanted, just click the green ‘Create Test’ button on the right panel. Hit ‘New Test’ in the page that appears, and you can name the test.

Once that’s done, you can pick questions manually, or have Zoho Challenge fill up questions randomly.

After the questions have been chosen, you can assign the test to candidates. The test can be open, or it can be restricted by email addresses or specific IPs (the latter two are available in the premium version). You can even create a coded tests. That means, candidates can take a test only if they type the right code that you sent them.

(click the image for a bigger version)

Tests can be made available for a specific duration, or indefinitely. A pass percentage can be set, and questions and answer options can be randomized as well. Finally, you can also add instructions for test takers.

When you hit ‘Save Assignment’, the test will  be available in a URL similar to The candidates can take the test from there.

Check out Zoho Challenge’s Test Maker. If you’re a teacher, and if you’re changing classroom dynamics by using web based tools, let us know in the comments.

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June 10th, 2010 at 3:49 pm

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