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How to clear Skype IM Chat and Call History?

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If you’re a frequent Skype user, you might have noticed that Skype keeps a record of all events including instant messages, calls, file transfers and SMS all stored and accessible from the Conversation tab by clicking on the Show History button.

Deleting the chat and call history in Skype is easy, but the Delete History option is buried inside Skype menus. All you need to do is choose Tools > Options, go to the Privacy tab and hit the ‘Clear History’ button.


A dialog box will popup asking you for confirmation regarding deleting all previous text chats, voicemail, calls, file transfers and SMS messages. Hit Delete and you’re done. The Skype call and chat history has been deleted.

If you want to disable or turn off Skype history, just use the ‘No History’ option under ‘Keep History for’ in the Privacy tab.

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June 4th, 2009 at 2:30 pm

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  • Khaya

    thankssssssssssss….. it works!!!

  • Obamaisgay

    Stop cheating and there will be no need to delete history

  • Nadeeshasomachandra

    how can i delete certain history from the contacts

  • Sdsds

    vai a cagare

  • Aisha


  • Sam

    You can delete specific contact history using sql query from main.db
    Open the mail.db in sqllite where you can find table ‘Messages’ and try below query
    suppose you want to delete all conversation of use1(skypeid) and user2(skypeid)

    DELETE FROM Messages where chatname like ‘%#user1/$user2%’

  • Lesya Skype

    Take a look at Delete Skype History program (http://deleteskypehistory/). It works with desktop and Windows 8 store app Skype versions. It can remove conversations with single or more contacts which you select. It can also clean all your history. Before every cleaning it creates conversation backups and you are free to restore them whenever you want.

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