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How to clear Skype IM Chat and Call History?

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If you’re a frequent Skype user, you might have noticed that Skype keeps a record of all events including instant messages, calls, file transfers and SMS all stored and accessible from the Conversation tab by clicking on the Show History button.

Deleting the chat and call history in Skype is easy, but the Delete History option is buried inside Skype menus. All you need to do is choose Tools > Options, go to the Privacy tab and hit the ‘Clear History’ button.


A dialog box will popup asking you for confirmation regarding deleting all previous text chats, voicemail, calls, file transfers and SMS messages. Hit Delete and you’re done. The Skype call and chat history has been deleted.

If you want to disable or turn off Skype history, just use the ‘No History’ option under ‘Keep History for’ in the Privacy tab.

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June 4th, 2009 at 2:30 pm

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  • i am new to skype, was really looking for this thanks

  • hianyzoli

    Thanks for the post. It was realy usefull for me:P

  • mimi

    I have skype set on “No history” but it still keeps each and every IM conversation, file transfers and calls etc. in history. So if I want to clear it I will have to go and click “clear history”. I could not figure out a way around this althoug all posts suggest that this setting should work. Not sure why it won’t work for me, though… Any ideas?

  • azizan razak

    ok.. its really work.
    thanks for the tip

  • i clear my Skype history from time to time, feels good to keep my privacy safe from others 😛

  • sky

    is there a way to delete the chat history on individual contacts instead of everyone?

  • DTEE

    All i can say is Thank you

  • Ally

    After going round in circles on the Skype Help Center for 3 hours, I was able to delete history in just under 6 seconds. Thanks for the really helpful screenshot!

  • joalanna

    Even if we delete the history, doesn’t the other party still have a record of our communication? Not sure whether this really protects privacy or not….

  • Hey
    thank you….very much and print screen helped me to follow the steps easily.

  • MAry Holmes

    Is there a way to delete pending chats so the receiver cannot read it? I sent something to someone I regret sending, and I don’t want them to get it.

  • lee

    very usefull, thnaks!

  • john

    Thank you , this was useful

  • Van

    very usefull, thank you!!

  • Naresh

    Very useful thank u 🙂

  • melly411

    Very helpful!!! thanks alot!!!!

  • shweta

    thanks … ur information is really helpful and snapshot shows it so perfect thanks for the info

  • bubi

    it happens to me too, i disabled the chat history but its still showing up especially when i use other computer all of the chat history pops up when i signed it, its crazy .
    Can someone explain this?

  • aj

    i do not want my skype id visible at the starting of skype .whn i sign in to skype my skype id is already stored there i just hv 2 typ pswrd .bt i do not want my skype 2 b stored.wht 2 do?/

  • Vikash

    good work, keep it up

  • Bianca

    I have been using skype for years and I have been deleting my history as said by you but there is a history tab which still keeps all your call history.

    How do you get it to stop keeping your call history?

  • jazz


    I wanted to delete the history of skype log in users in my computer. Please help me how..
    I’ve tried unstalling it hoping that the log in users history will disappear but I failed. When I re-install skype, the same log in users appear on my computer. what should I do?

  • josh

    thanks for the tip so none of us get busted with our wives and husbands!!! Got to love the internet!

  • very upset user

    Word of warning – I just used skype’s own clear history function under the advanced privacy settings and it does NOT clear the history on the other person’s computer – only your chat history – so now you have erased your conversation with that person, but they still have their copy (I know because I asked my contact if they saw any change – nope). Bottom line, skype SUCKS for privacy protection. There isn’t any!!! Skype needs to fix this, or those of us, like me, concerned with erasing all traces of a certain conversation need to STOP USING SKYPE with those contacts. This is a very unsettling situation…

  • droid

    “very upset user” … what protection is there on a phone? i can record anyone that calls me… grow up and don’t be so paranoid.

  • mikaela


  • WoLf

    At whoever complains about privacy..

    Do you realize that every chat or IM client can keep a history of what you’re writing, right? And that copy/pasting the text is just as easy, if you don’t have a direct way from the application?

    If you’re sending your text to anyone, you’re agreeing that they will read it and possibly store it for private use (aka: keep their history).

    Privacy comes into play when those people disclose your conversations without your agreement. That’s a totally different thing.

    On a side note, if you ever wanted to have a better view of the history with a contact, you can type ” /htmlhistory ” in the conversation window, to convert it to html and open it in your browser.
    This way, you can also save it before doing a full history clear if you want to keep it.

    Take care,

  • WoLf

    My bad, the /htmlhistory seems to not be working on skype 4. Yet another reason why to stick to the 3.8 series.

  • Dhruv Saxena

    Thanks a lot!

    Didn’t expect it to be that easy!!!

  • Jamie

    Does anyone know if the deleted chat history still can be seen by the other part?

  • Rama krishna

    previous i had skype 3. after i updated to 4.0 version. after updated my previous version history was not showing. if we can update history was cleared? and where the history was stored in skype.

  • Rama krishna

    previous i had skype 3.0 after i updated to 4.0 version. after updated my previous version history was not showing. if we can update history was cleared? and where the history was stored in skype.

  • dt

    thanks for the post! helped a lot

  • thanks so much…

  • thank you this helped a lot =)

  • Desperate

    Help! there is no privacy setting tab on my Eee Pc, asus linux 2.0 skype. What do I do now??

  • Rey

    thanks dude…awesome

  • bhtrackstar101

    this is a great tip. i love it!!! thank you so so much. i will always come here to get tips on anything now!

  • cleopatra

    very useful info….thanks a mil

  • lillgrr

    thankkk you so much

  • Inda

    Awesome! thanks!!

  • MartyM

    if I delete a skpye contact will the other person still be able to view the chat history on their computer? please answer..Thanks so much.

  • Junier

    Of course, they can still see the chat on their side. Would you want them to be able to delete things on your computer? no. THAT would be a privacy concern. If you don’t want someone saving things you’ve said, don’t send them.

  • Thanks a lot for this tutorial, I’m a frequent skype user, and the chat logs were bogging down my computer. Sincere thanks.

  • Gaurav

    Awesome dude…thanks a lot yar

  • sol

    it was great help thank u

  • Qli

    thank you thank you thank you

  • LOVE


  • Chayenne

    Hi, I would like to know, how can I clear my history of calls on skype to go…it is differente from that!Please, help!

  • Tiana

    Thanks to Pearl and to this site *(*

  • shakeel ishaq durrani

    great work

  • racheal

    wooo…so great thank you…

  • rahul

    if u want to delete skype login id than u can go to c:\document and settings\user name folder\application data\skype\skype login name (which u want delete) and delete it………… thats finish

  • is there a way to delete the history from just 1 person in your list?

  • That Guy

    Brilliant!! C2C and no proof (: Lol

  • warsi

    Thanks. dear i am so happy .

  • i heard a lot about this topic in the last few days and i imagine it might be true. Eventhough i think everyone is responsible for himself. No Offense, Just my opinion…

  • Dogra

    Thanks a million!!!! it looks really messy with all old conversations showing up now and then

  • lol, I try to remove them but when you log in on other computers, which you have never use em before, all chat log will be shown all one by one.

    Stupid Skype

  • Andy

    Thanks, this was perfect

  • koko

    I’m really thankfully about this post you did
    >>How to delete chatting on Skype<<

    I was talking some privacy things with my wife but after that we recognize the we can't delete our conversation and my nephews some times using our computer what I don't wont, to they see that…

  • Cheryl

    How does it work? I’ve cleared my chat history from my computer, does it mean that the chat history under my same account would also be cleared on my friend’s computer?

  • john

    thanks a lot

  • Bala

    Excellent tips. Thanks.

  • crystal

    thank u muc.very helpful

  • Tnx, a lot !!!

    That one was very usefull for me 😉

  • santhosh

    In windows 7

    Goto -> C:\Users\{USER}\AppData\Roaming\Skype

    and delete the folder with the username that you want not to appear again in Skype startup

    Note: Here {USER} means the windows login username in which your currently working on.

    Hope that helped..!

    Ve fun.,

    Santhosh M

  • sue

    Skype is NOT stupid, just the people wh use it. Of course it will not delete the other persons history, that will only happen if you ask them to or have direct access to their pc.
    It’s called logical thinking

  • ari

    Hi, nice post

    I have my skype history set to “no history” for quite some time now (at least a month). Had cleared history also on the same day that i changed my history settings. The other day when i logged in, i received as new around 80 old messages coming from most of my contacts. Some messages that showed up as “new”, were in fact 3 months old.

    I had again cleared my history when it happened. I was worried that my account may have been compromised so as a precaution i changed my password.

    Today, when i logged in, the same thing happened again.

    Has anyone experienced something similar? Any ideas?


  • freddie-B

    this one work for me, deleting old messages in skype.

  • My123

    You can remove or edit sent messages by right clicking on the message, then click edit/remove message.
    By so doing, this message is also removed from the other persons computer.
    They receive a notification saying “This message has been removed”
    Note that you can only do this for messages not older than one hour.

  • MrZ

    Aris, I’m having the SAME issue! I clear the history each time I’m on if I don’t go back and check it seems to keep the history EVEN though I changed it to “no history” the no history function is not working for me. I have cleared the cookies, deleted the history manually with the button and change it to no history and still I find a history being kept. WTF! Also what really stinks is that if I nuke the history that I had with another friend next time they log on and haven’t cleared there history it then resends the FULL thing back! So I have it all over again. WTF! I like how google has a option for off record. Skype needs that asap.

    What I like to know is if anyone can do a bulk history deletion on the iphone/itouch app? Right now it seems that one has to delete each call / conversation history manually. No option for removing ALL of the histories. Suggestion from anyone using the app?

  • Ang Ry

    Call History with Skype

    You can NOT delete call history with Skype. You can hide the locally stored copy in a specific computer. The information is anyway preserved by the Skype Account, in central servers. This information is easily accessible for anyone, just a little bit computer savvy. The reasons for central storage are probably requirements from certain government agencies, not worth mentioning really.
    Anyway, the savy user can ALWAYS retrieve any Skype call history.
    Do not use Skype for anything that you feel uncomfortable to share with anyone else.

    Best Regards
    from burned user serving 2 to 5

  • prateek

    thanx alot

  • Gayan

    Thanks for the nice post. It was realy usefull for me:P

  • ABC

    Great Job:

    Bundles of thanks

    CHEERS !

  • Anon

    Skype really needs to find a way to allow users to permanently hide chats and phone records on both the Skype application and Accounts.

    I have two computers, one at the office and one at home. Both are set to “no history”, however, everytime I access my account from my home or office computer, many old chats keep appearing on my screen and although I “Clear history”, old chats still appear if I logon to my Skype through another computer.

  • Shahzad

    Thanks alot sir for ur given useful information,

  • mujeeb

    Really good guidance. Thank you

  • dis is fckin shit mahn nyc nyc thanx fr dis help…:p

  • pmbrysh

    Thank you so much. It was well explained and easy to do. Thank you.

  • Thanks muchooooo all i needed

  • Amani77

    Just to add on that removing chat history or setting it to “no history” DOES NOT work if you are using multiple devices. Which is s*it really!

  • Mika


  • Jay-ar Costanilla

    Im just wondering is there any way that i can delete my conversations on a specific time.?

    like for example i want to delete may conversations today with my Brother.
    is there any way that i can delete my conversation with my brother without deleting my other Conversation with other people.?

  • Thank you very much

    Good Screen Shot

  • Its a good help for all Skype users

  • Lee

    Thanks this is really helpful. I feel good now that I know i can keep my conversations private.

  • bob

    this method does NOT delete anything permanently. The only way to do that is to alter the database file: “main.db” using a SQL program. It is located in your c:doucments and settings\user\application data\skype\username\ folder. The records are permanently stored in your Skype unless you delete or alter this DB file, or uninstall/delete the program altogether and all related files. It IS POSSIBLE though, for those people on the net saying you can’t do it. And you can pick and choose what you want to delete. It isn’t really very hard, SQLLite does a bang up job and doesn’t take much to get used to using.

  • bob

    if you think that this deletes anything, you are wrong… don’t beleive it, just go back into Skype and click View / Show Hidden Conversations… they will ALWAYS come back no matter how many times you adjust the Privacy settings and reboot, etc. The ONLY way is to delete the database file in my previous post, or for those of you looking to delete specific histories, you MUST alter the database file manually.

  • lec

    i ‘m new to skype, the first time i chat with someone i recently met online, i read some of his chats with other women that he made a few days ago, is this normal? Is it normal to see his conversations with other people? The chats even included those that should only be between two people or considered confidential.
    Why is skype allowing it? There were also hate messages that apparently were made by a woman who hated him so much for womanizing, it kept popping up and it was showing that the message was sent by the person I was chatting with.

  • Ford78bronco

    that was much neede info

  • Lovely

    THANK YOU!!!

  • vietnam BOY

    thank you 🙂

  • R Doulton

    they should make it a much easier option but thank you for sharing!

  • foxxy

    if you do this instruction yes it will delete your your IM messages but y it always happen to me when i chat in my PC in my relative house then when i got home il open my laptop and open the skype. my conversation i just delete in the PC in my relatives house are still there in detailed… so it mean only in the PC inself they will delete the conversation but not in other PC it will stil remain the same.. so its useless….. can you try to tell us wat to do

  • foxx

    if you do this instruction yes it will delete your your IM messages but y it always happen to me when i chat in my PC in my relative house then when i got home il open my laptop and open the skype. my conversation i just delete in the PC in my relatives house are still there in detailed… so it mean only in the PC inself they will delete the conversation but not in other PC it will stil remain the same.. so its useless….. can you try to tell us wat to do

  • Gabriel Perez Business

    How to delete an specific conversation with soembody?

  • PatsyAnn

    THANKS! Exactly what I was looking for!

  • PatsyAnn

    THANKS! Exactly what I was looking for!

  • Urtypeofguy

    i did exactly the instructions and it clear the call history…but when you click the Account, it will bring you to the Account page – all the call history is still there, is there a way to clear those? Help please. Thanks

  • Ahmed_Yeh


  • Sopha Ke

    thanks you! it very helpful

  • Priya

    Thanks exactly what I was looking for…

  • Kathylee218

    How do you erase the chat history completely? I mean from all computers and the other persons chat. I dont want to use Skype anymore. I didnt realize that anyone I chat with has those chats permanently. Is it possible to erase ALL history?

  • Jhinglo

    thanks a lot i did it .thanks for the very easy tip

  • JackM

    There’s a tool called Skypex that will allow you to delete specific messages, or entire conversations from your computer ( they may still show up if you login to your account from another computer).  You can find the beta version here:  I don’t think it works for mac yet, but it worked fine on my PC.  


    THANK YOU!!!! 😀

  • Ayu

    Hi Gabriel

    I have the same question too. Were you able to do it? .

  • noel

    Yea thanks this works perfectly

  • KacperKoniuszy

    I have the same question too.

  • Eljhei1986

    i did deleted the chat log on  my lappy but its still on my fone… pls….

  • ajirag

    will the deleted messages be visible in  the other person’s chat history after we delete in our chat box?

  • Swinters3

    I was told that Skype keeps the call records for legal purposes. Have you found a way to delete or clear your account call history? 

  • Snoopyjean86

    will it be deleted on all devices? since every device its used with keeps a different history.

  • Palaksusan wrked..:)

  • akma72

    Does this prevent another party from keeping record of your conversation? I mean like gmail chat where if you go off the record, the other person cannot keep a record of the conversation himself.

  • Tatevik Avagyan

    So is there a way to delete conversation from my account so that it is not visible from the person’s account I chat with?

  • akma72

    Obviously you can’t delete messages from someone else’s record, even if they’re your own covnersations. This is very poor, gmail chat has the “off the record” options that will prevent the other party from keeping a gmail record of the chat as well, and with google voice and video now, and MS haveing bought Skype, I guess it’s time to move away from it…

  • Suki’x Ck’x

    thank you!

  • kn

    How to delete chat history from iPhone and iPad?

  • argon

     It is not possible to delete individual conversations, or the history for just one contact. And once chat history is deleted, it cannot be recovered.
    its either you delete the entire history or none at all

  • Ynatassa

    this metod cannot delete calls history even programms like “clear history” canot delete it!!!weard!!!!!!

  • Peri_gul2006

    thx alot,this really helped me alot,thx

  • Missxena96

    I want to delete the call history in my Skype Account.  It keeps a record of all calls made for a period of 6 months.  Is there a way to delete the history from the account file???

  • Meathead

    How to do this to a Skype on Android phone?

  • jang

    very good recommendation.  thumbs up!

  • Zulfakar72

    Able to delete the history..does this affect the history of the other person too?

  • Wonderful information.

  • Joseph

    You can. Just right click on the message you want to delete and click on ‘Remove Message’.

  • Joseph

    You will have to do it manually though, for one per message removal. Or, you can select the date of when to clear your history. Such as every hour, every 2 hours etc.

  • Abhayn7


  • Kynnedycole

    Hi, If I was in a conversation with two people and I didn’t mean to add the second person, but I deleted my history. Would the other person still be able to see the conversation. Because we removed them and cleared our history.

  • Cheerleadingangel101

    I using my Motorola xoom and it doesnt say how to delete messages with people can some one help

  • Esmeraldababa

    I have this problem also, did you find a way to delete it?

  • Ellariddle

    This Actually Worked I’d recommend it to all of my friends

  • bubbles

    can the other person still see the chats? if so, how do i make it so they cant?

  • Bob

    Those the history and the conversation clear in both of which had the conversation when only one delete it.

  • Zainmahmood

    Can anyone tell me that how i can get my all conversation back if its deleted..?

  • jigar

    thank uuuuuuu…

  • GabrilelleVanDerMalleSL

    checked clear history. it didn’t clear anything

  • Asimakuh


  • jam

    don’t have conversations that you need to delete…

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  • Dzxf

    I meant how to delete A CERTAIN Message.

  • Thats so Weird!

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  • Laur_badea99


  • Gymjunkie41

    please tell me how todelete of an I phone 2 

  • Khaya

    thankssssssssssss….. it works!!!

  • Obamaisgay

    Stop cheating and there will be no need to delete history

  • Nadeeshasomachandra

    how can i delete certain history from the contacts

  • Sdsds

    vai a cagare

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  • Sam

    You can delete specific contact history using sql query from main.db
    Open the mail.db in sqllite where you can find table ‘Messages’ and try below query
    suppose you want to delete all conversation of use1(skypeid) and user2(skypeid)

    DELETE FROM Messages where chatname like ‘%#user1/$user2%’

  • Lesya Skype

    Take a look at Delete Skype History program (http://deleteskypehistory/). It works with desktop and Windows 8 store app Skype versions. It can remove conversations with single or more contacts which you select. It can also clean all your history. Before every cleaning it creates conversation backups and you are free to restore them whenever you want.

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  • Kim Bates

    Yes, this can be done with Delete Skype History Network Edition app.
    It can remove Skype conversations from all devices, including contacts’ machines.
    Good luck

  • angryspittle

    It says go to the tool thing but I don’t have such a thing.. how the heck do i delete Skype history?