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Gmail Keeper Makes Backups Of Your Gmail Messages

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You must have seen and tried a few Gmail Backup tools before, but this time around we’re going to check out something special called Gmail Keeper that is quite cooler and polished.

Gmail Keeper lets you set up ‘Profiles’. The free version can allow just one profile though. A profile can contain some set rules and set what should be backed up and what shouldn’t.

Setting up Gmail Keeper to backup emails

First, activate IMAP for your Gmail account from Gmail Settings.


Then, launch the Gmail Keeper application and click the ‘Add Profile’ button.


In the new window that appears, specify a profile name, type your email and password.


Click the Refresh button to get a list of your Gmail labels and default folders.


Now, the box on the left will display default Gmail labels like Inbox, Spam, Sent Mail, etc. while the right box will display the labels that you’ve created. Click the small arrow next on top to check/uncheck all these.


As you can from the screenshot above, I’ve chosen to backup Inbox and Starred emails. In addition, I’ve also chosen to backup two labels I created – Blog, Family.

Once that is done, specify a location where the backed up Gmail emails should be saved in .zip format. You can also password protect the .zip backup file.


Next, you can choose to backup manually or schedule an automatic backup at set time intervals. I’m going to schedule daily backups.


Click OK. You’ll get a warning saying that in order for the scheduled backups to take place, you need to put Gmail Keeper on system startup. Click OK in the dialog.

When the profile has been created, you’ll see another dialog asking you if the backup should be performed immediately. Press OK.


The backup process will begin. Progress will be indicated in the right panel.


You can now right click on any backup profile in the window to view it as a .zip file and restore it, among other things.


Restoring the Gmail messages from Backup

I’m going to try restoring the backup to another Gmail account. I right clicked on a profile and then clicked Restore. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+R to do the same.

I got a window, similar to the one that popped up during backup. Here, I’m going to using another email ID where the backup has to be restored. Let’s see if it works. Specify the email ID, password and the folders/labels that have to be restored.

You can place all these emails in a new label in the new account. I’m going to put up these in a label called _restoredbackup in the new account. Click Start Restore.


Once the restoration is complete, you’ll get a confirmation dialog informing you of the same. Click OK.


I checked the new Gmail account to see the emails if have been restored, and voila! The label _restoredbackup was there and all my emails were there as well!


Great tool and works as stated. Has a neat and failsafe interface.

Their webpage says it works with Google Apps accounts as well. What’s more, you can also open these backed up archives in Outlook and other similar apps. The catch: the free version lets you create just a single profile and you can backup only 1000 emails. You have to shell out some bucks for the paid version.

Disclaimer: Try the app at your own risk. Since the app is not open source, we guys cannot verify how far this application is secure.

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May 12th, 2009 at 9:54 pm

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  • Thanks for the review. I’m at 🙂

    Regarding the security concern, well, I understand why this question raises, here are some comments:

    A) We develop software application to make money, priori to Gmail Keeper we have MindVisualizer mind mapping software which has a large amount of user base, we have no interest in hacking, spying or something like that.

    B) I believe Google will have all the records if we do something evil with Gmail Keeper.

    We have developed Gmail Keeper mainly for the requirement of ourselves, because no other tools we could find that can do the backup without the need of too much manual operations each time.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the clarification, Edwin

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  • ST

    Have done all that but Keeper is only backing up Inbox and Sent messages. No other folders, no labels. Any idea why?

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