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What is GrooveMonitor.exe?

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This article will take an in-depth look on GrooveMonitor.exe – what the process is, is it spyware, how to get rid of it, among other things. Read on to know more about GrooveMonitor.exe and if it really is essential or not.

What is GrooveMonitor.exe?

GrooveMonitor.exe is a utility process that is installed as a part of Microsoft Office 2007 (probably the enterprise edition).


The GrooveMonitor.exe process service starts up as a part of Windows. GrooveMonitor.exe file can be found under C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12

What does GrooveMonitor.exe really do?

Groove Monitor is a tool that can be used to work collaboratively with your colleagues. Documents that come under the Groove Service get synced with other versions in your colleagues’ workspaces. You can read more about MS Office 2007 Groove Collaboration Service here.

Is GrooveMonitor.exe Spyware?

No, it is not spyware. Some spywares pose themselves as GrooveMonitor.exe and install themselves into C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folders. Click here to run a free Registry scan to check for problems and fix them.

Is it really needed to keep MS Office Running?

No, it isn’t necessary. MS Office can run perfectly without Groove Monitor. You need it only if you need syncing and file sharing capabilities.

How to get rid of GrooveMonitor.exe?

If you want to remove or block GrooveMonitor.exe, you have to do the following:

  • Go to Start > Run or hit Win+R keys together
  • Type msconfig. Hit Enter.
  • Go to the ‘Startup’ tab.
  • Uncheck GrooveMonitor
  • GrooveMonitor Exe

  • Done! You’ve successfully removed GrooveMonitor.exe from Windows startup

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May 10th, 2009 at 9:51 pm

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  • Mr. D

    Thank you for you short and precise answer. It was helpful.

  • JDH

    seems legit, if you do not have microsoft office 07 and you have this then i suggest that you remove it, as it will be spyware. Although if you do have microsoft office 07 then you should be fine… if you do not wish to have this on at startup then you can always turn it off using the appropriate steps above.

  • Aguilucho

    I have a rare GrooveMonitor.exe, one of 30kb seems legit, but one of 34kb may contamined, but is not detected by any antivirus (at virustotal 0/41).
    It’s definitively dangerous, but not yet reported at dic 30 2009

  • lioineljm2

    I have office Enterprise and removed groovemonitor, but it comes back by itself. How do I stop it from returning.

  • Duane

    Awesume, thanx alot it helped

  • VC

    I have the same prob; i keep removing it from the startup via msconfig but it keeps coming back!

  • Harry

    It is necessary for some programs, like MS Money Plus, which export to Excel 07. Without it, MS Money hangs up during the export.

  • Scott

    Thank you. I probably could have done the same with my TuneUp Utilities, but this was VERY fast and easy ;-}

  • HitMe WithIt

    There is a more full way of removing this irritating groovemonitor if you truly have no use for it.
    Find your Office Installation disc as you may need it.
    Now go into Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs and then click on MS Office.
    Then click on change
    Then look at the different things you have installed as part of Office and locate Groove and all the things related to Groove or named with Groove in the name. Untick all of those to indicate you do not want them insdtalled.
    now go through the rest of the process as it tells you, insert CD if prompted. Reboot if prompted.
    By the end you will have no more GrooveMonitor and no need to disable it on startup either!

  • Larry

    msconfig is good for diagnostics but as a way of asserting control over what is running on your computer on an ongoing basis it’s pretty ineffective. A lot of programs that want to run on start-up will simply override msconfig settings. You actually have to assess the merits of these programs and uninstall them if they have none.

  • salem

    if you are running your pc in office network that,s is monitoring your pc every thing you do .

  • Dorothy

    Thanks for your explanations but I still have a problem! I do have MS office 2007 in my laptop. Four days ago, I switched on my computer and there was a message saying that there is a problem due to “GrooveNew.DLL that is missing”, so it has to be reinstalled. But this never happened before! As you say maybe it’s a spyware! I remember I used my flash disk in a popular cybercafé, and when I connected it on my laptop, there was an entire army of viruses! Of course, I scanned and my Kaspersky let me informed viruses couldn’t be disinfected but could be deleted. And since that day, as I told you, a message is always displayed at start up. How to know if it’s spyware or just a part of MS Office Groove that’s corrupted or really has been removed? (I have teens at home)
    Thanks for any help.

  • adrian

    Sorry, cant help yo with your technical problem, but as an aside, I suggest you get rid of the teens 🙂

  • deb

    I have the same problem as Dorothy with the GrooveNew.DLL.message. It just began showing up a few weeks ago. I have to click out of it several times to get it to disappear. It is very annoying.

  • allwyn

    i have installed windows 7 ultimate.But in my desktop a message appears ‘This is not genuine’.when i open my computer a message appears saying to activate windows now or later.What is the solution ?

  • catadeluxe

    Thanks for the help!
    I really was wondering what does it do since it’s described as a Microsoft Inc. application
    By the way, Congratz on teaching people how to use msconfig, I see many people who didn’t even knew such a good thing existed.
    Oh, and thank-you for the WIN + R, I’ll use it further in my computing
    All the best

  • paneru lotus

    Thanks for Teaching people i really get rid of this problem.

  • LDV-13

    Great Post!

    This is considered as one of those “litte things” to save your resources in your computer for better use. And it is good to know that this isn’t spyware.

    FYI: The Link: does not appear to be a valid URL anymore.


  • Thegreatmudit

    thanx man! Nice presentation

  • Bablu Kum2009

    thanks a lot man….

  • Hpum

    I use Office One Note to sync my notebooks between my desktop PC’s, laptop to a file server domain. does  the groove monitor.exe make this happen? Even If it does, can I manually start it somehow when I need ir.  Thanks

  • Srikanth

    Thanks mate!!

  • been

    great post!!
    Thanks for your clear explanation!

  • Golf Simulator

    Amazing tips, mate……
    thanks for sharing with us.

  • Viktor Gregor

    Thanks, I learned something new and useful.

  • Ashen | SriLanka

    Thanks for the help! thanks for sharing with us.

  • dale

    thanks, but I don’t think this removes it, only inhibits it from starting up. Also I think it relaunches when you use office again

  • Ace Naz

    Thanks Man! :3