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Make Windows 7 Taskbar Smaller

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Windows 7 ships with a cool new taskbar (dubbed Superbar) that has big icons, among other things. If you find the Windows 7 taskbar quite big, you can easily reduce its size by making the taskbar icons smaller.

How to reduce the size of the Windows 7 Taskbar or make it smaller?

Right click on any empty area in the Windows 7 Taskbar and choose Properties

Make Windows 7 Taskbar Smaller

Under the Taskbar tab, check the option Use small icons. Click Apply, OK.

Reduce the size of Windows 7 Taskbar or make it smaller

You’re done. The Windows 7 taskbar is now smaller, as you can see below.

Small Windows 7 Taskbar

You now have  more area to view other things in your screen, since the size of the Windows 7 Taskbar is much reduced.

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May 5th, 2009 at 2:28 pm

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  • JM


  • Joey

    Thank you.

  • Steve


    If only Lenovo supplied smaller icons for their toolbox software. Doing with out those even though I thought were handy as smaller icons look better.

    Any way to reduce desktop icons size?

  • Rhyd


  • 333

    Its still not small. Its at least twice the size of my Vista taskbar. This didn’t solve the problem.

  • how to make even more smaller?

  •  It’s easier to just click “Auto-hide the taskbar”

  • Fsmnvecu

    Doesn’t work unfortunately when you put the taskbar at the right or left part of your screen.

  • Fgsgsfgfgfssfgfgsf

    omg duh stupid. we came here to find SMALLER than the small setting. Dimwit.

  • Annoyed

    Icons get smaller but real estate consumed by this useless taskbar does not.  I sure hope someone is working on a hack that will let me shorten the taskbar.  I have tried moving it to all four edges of my screen but it always manages to po up and interfere with some other function, e.g. document vertical and horizontal scrolling, opening, and closing.  M$’s engineers must be laughing themselves silly about this latest annoyance.

  • Noob Much

    I want to make the taskbar smaller, not just the icons. Does anybody know how to do this?. I know there is a way to achieve this in windows 7 because I got a theme that made my computer look like the os x Mountain Lion and the taskbar size was notably smaller and looked pretty neat.