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How to Resize Partitions in Windows 7?

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If you need to resize partitions from Windows 7, you don’t need a third-party tool. Just like you have on Windows Vista, you can resize partitions in Windows 7.

How to resize a partition in Windows 7?

In order to resize partitions in Windows 7, you have to open the Disk Management utility. To do that, go to the search bar in your Start menu and type ‘create and format’. Now click on the link that comes up on top.

Resize Partitions in Windows 7

In the Disk Management window that appears, you’ll see all partitions of your computer listed one by one.

Right click on the partition that you want to resize, and then choose the ‘Shrink Volume’ option. Windows will now query for available disk space.

Resize Partitions in Windows 7

In the Shrink Volume window that appears next, type the amount you want to shrink by in the ‘Enter the amount of disk space you want to shrink in MB’ label. For example, to shrink the partition from 25 GB to 20 GB, type 5000 in the text box.

Resize Partitions in Windows 7

Click Shrink. You’ve just resized a partition in Windows 7 and shrunk it!

If you want to increase the size of a partition without shrinking it, use the Extend Volume option from the right click menu.

That’s how you resize partitions in Windows 7! Disclaimer: Make sure that you backup all your data before resizing. We’re not responsible for any damage caused.

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May 5th, 2009 at 3:20 pm

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  • Jon

    Hi there:

    I got a small problem in Windows 7. When I open Computermanagement > Diskmanagement > I can see all my volumes of my 500 GB hard drive: C/D/E/F. So far so good – defragmented and the last two even formatted.
    However when I open My Computer it only shows the first two volumes: C (active/Windows 7) and D: large folders and .img files.
    How can I acces or even see partitions E and F ?!
    Help is welcome because I’ll be running out of space shortly.

    Thanks for reading this … hope you have an awnser.

  • Jon

    Hello again:

    Solved the problem of no acces to my partitions of my hard drive. Entered Diskmanagement where I can see all my partitons C/D/E/F and disk drives G/H. First I assigned the “invisible” partitions to random letters of the alphabet (Q/X) and closed Diskmanagement.
    To my surprise they showed up when I opened My Computer. Then I simply changed the names back to E/F.
    So with a little fiddling around I gained my 300 Gb back. Sorry I disturbed you wiith this.
    Maybe it will help others who encounter the same problem.

    Thanks again.

  • Ethan

    Hello I was trying to shrink my drive however it says i have 700 mb free but I really have 70 gb free!?! whats with that

  • Febe Angel Ciudad Ricardo

    How can I resize a 64 bits Windows 7 HDD partition?

    All the software I find on the Internet are for the 32 bits not for 64 bits. I´m running out of space in drive C and the laptop is getting too slowly.

    Please, I need help!!!!

  • http://- Mohammed

    It worked!

    Thank you very much!

    Great website!

  • Steve B

    Thanks! Worked like a Champ! In the past Commercial Partition Tools I bought just ended up clobbering my disk. This great.

  • Sarbjeet Singh.

    Actully i want to know about primary partitions.
    i came to know that there is only one primary partitions can be seen at a time. i have four primary
    partitions on my HDD. and they are visible by window 7. or m i doing mistake.
    plz help me.

  • sunil

    i want to know the procedure of merging partitions in windows 7.

  • rokok herbal

    so easy for use, thanks

  • Ashok Dalai

    I hav edell optiplex380 with 2gb ram and 350 gb hdd and preloaded os is windows7 with one partition.
    I want to make 4 partition without loss my os and c drive ,can i do it?

  • Iram

    hi there,
    i tried to shrink my 320 GB C drive (effectively which was 288 GB) but could only shrink it to 159 GB, while the operating system and other files take only about 25-30 GB or so.
    I want to reduce more bring it down to 50GB for C Drive.can anyone help???

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  • Lifeibai2011

    thanks for sharing, this is very useful.
    but i’m wondering what if there’s no free space behind one partition, or what if i wanna move the partition backward? can this be done in windows 7?
    i googled one article that i think might solve the problems that i mentioned above.
    wanna share it, too.,125354-order,4/description.html 

  • Joe

    Excellent and very easy to use, however can you extend the primary partition?

  • Brenden

    thats great and all, but how do you Extend the amount of space? I have a mac with windows and I already shrunk the space on the mac side, so I have 50gb unused space, but when I try to move it to windows, it only says I can “shrink.” How do I move that unused space to the windows side?

  • Rejo

    You can extend volume with unallocated space that is located to its right. Follow this link to find out how you can overcome this problem without adding any additional software.…-window-7.html