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How to delete your Plenty Of Fish account?

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Plenty of Fish is an online dating site. If you’ve landed here looking for instructions on how to delete or cancel your Plenty Of Fish account, follow this method on how to remove it completely:

Steps to delete your Plenty Of Fish account


  • Go to the Delete Account page by clicking here
  • Don’t pay attention to the links and messages on top
  • Scroll down a bit, enter your Plenty of Fish username, password and other optional details and then click the button that says ‘Quit/Give up/Delete Plenty of Fish’ account

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May 4th, 2009 at 1:48 pm

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  • http://plentyfishinthesea danielle

    hi to who it may concern i would like my account of plenty of fish in the sea to be deleted asap please as it doesent interest me at all, and would like it deleted asap please thank you.

  • http://plentyfishinthesea danielle

    hi there i want my account deleted straight away please.

  • diane t 1957

    i want my account deleted asap i dont not like this site.

  • diane t 1957

    do not like being on there cood you delete me of plenty of fish

  • jeytee

    please delete my plenty of fish account as it no longer interest me…

  • http://plentyoffish lets make memories

    Please delete my account.

  • http://plentyoffish keith

    please delete my account

  • http://p.o.f gord

    Tryed a dozen times to delete account know wonder you have so many members they cant get out fix your bullshit.

  • http://plentyoffish funandhappyru

    no dates

  • http://plentyoffish funandhappyru

    no dates or good luck

  • http://plentyoffish funandhappyru

    no dates or good luck on the site

  • http://plentyoffish funandhappyru

    Dont wanna be on the site

  • http://plentyoffish stillhope1

    cant find my profile.Ive deleted a few hundred times but i am still receiving e-mail from people from there on site

  • http://plentyoffish Paula Staples

    was Sloane1 no longer interested

  • http://plentyoffish 27brina

    Please delete my account

  • http://plentyoffish missangelwings

    Please delete my account and dont E-mail me no more

  • godofurmother

    omg thank u so much. i’ve been looking for how to delete it for ever!!!
    i set it as junk mail POF still sent me mail!!

  • Leannekay

    my name is leanne i need help. someone deleted my profile now i cant get on. i want back on asap please. I’m begging you i am involved with a man and i’m afraid if i dont get back on soon i’ll loose him.

  • http://plentyoffisth kleemi

    please cancel my plenty of fish account. This has been a nightmare to get this done.

  • Craig

    Please delete my Plenty of Fish account…

  • Craig

    Please delete my Plety Of Fish account as soon as possible.

  • me

    Absolutely, am thankful for the tip on how to delete, they don’t make it easy. Here’s to hoping! Cheers!

  • http://yahoo X3lyshy

    no comment

  • 30somethingmale

    Please close my account. I can not find the link to do this.
    Thank you

  • jason

    Please delete my Plety Of Fish account as soon as possible.

    9 Jun 10 at 11:44 am

  • http://plentyoffish anita

    in a arelationship please delete

  • Sandra

    please delete plentyoffish as soon as you can

  • Sandra

    delete my account as soon as possible.

  • http://Plentyoffish Mary

    Please delete me from the plenty of fish site ASAP!

  • you are a derp

    HEY MORONS! This is a help site that has an article
    about plentyoffish. These people can’t delete your account for you. Take the 3 seconds and read the instructions.

  • Sandra

    I have asked you many times to delete my account,,,,,please do it now or i will see a lawyer!!!!!!

  • Gertie

    Thanks for the great tip and helpful link, I couldn’t find that page myself though I tried. Let’s hope it works! Thanks again

  • http://plentyoffish vickwool

    no longer needed

  • http://na roger

    please remove me

  • http://na roger


  • http://plentyoffish kim howard

    please remove my accout for alaskanfloridan

  • http://plentyoffish bonitachiaca82

    There is a creepy guy stocking me on the this webste I dont like this website at all please take me off!!!

  • http://plentyoffish Morgan

    please remove my acocunt, morgana_12
    I’m not sure why you can’t just delete it right away.

  • http://Plentyoffish Keith Powell

    i need you to delete my profile for me cause i cant delete it so plz delete it

  • Gary

    Please delete and remove all information from my account.

  • http://plentyoffish murray

    I have tried multiple times to delete my profile of this site could you?

  • http://plentyoffish melaniy

    they will not delee my account !! get me out of here plz

  • http://plentyoffish stingarod

    Please delete my account i no longer want to be on this site thank you very much

  • Nate


  • http://pof phil klein

    whent to site and deleated pof numerous times and it won’t go away. same problem as melaniy. 8sept 2010
    GET ME OUT OF HERE !!!!!!!!!
    phil klein

  • Kim

    i try to delete my account 7 times already and i continue to receive emails and every time i click on POF to make sure my account it deleted it still allows me to sign in and i a m stll receiving messages on there its becoming annoying what else can i do!

  • lovelylass1

    thanks i would like to leave pof asap

  • lonnie rooks

    i wont to be out of this dont need it

  • plenty

    leaving pof is easier than ever.

  • Dina

    Thanks for the tip! I was able to delete my account by clicking on the link on this site! It took me 25 minutes to try to delete it until I stumbled upon this site.

  • http://plentyoffish kevin triolo

    please delete my account completely, very urgent

  • http://Plentyoffish Judy

    Does this site actually get rid of PoF accounts for people? I’ve tried that link several times and I’m still on there. WTH is wrong with these people!

  • heather

    how come plenty of fish goes to such great lengths to hide the removal option? currently on their help page it says to click on the “resign” option in the so called “menu bar” WTH?! there no resign option in any menu bar on the entire site. its so ridiculous. they wont even let you remove your profiles content either. thank god for the link above! someone should sue them for the security risk they put all of their members into because they also send their members password via email…in every email.

  • \

    Please cancel my membership in Plenty of Fish

  • OldPofUser

    I can’t believe that people POST HERE instead of reading and following the instructions above to delete their account. Just goes to show you the quality of ‘free’ dating sites. Ugh.

  • Dta341961

    cant get to delete it showing that page

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  • Anonymous

    To be sure, the link has changed, as I just read on the reference list for deleting accounts. ->

    The right link is 😉

  • Mainewolfdog

    I tried that. All it does is take me in circles, but doesnt delete the account. Help

  • lillian

    i want to delete my account and i done what they tell you and it still not deleted my account please help me

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