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Remove or Disable the Dell Support Center Service from Starting Up

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If you’re annoyed by the Dell Support Center window that pops up when you start your Windows XP/Vista computer, you can permanently remove it from the startup list in Windows.

How to disable the Dell Support Center Wizard from starting up with Windows?

Follow this quick guide on disabling the Dell Support Center window from starting up with Windows:

First, press Winkey+R together so that the Run dialog pops up. Type msconfig and press Enter.


Go to the Startup tab in the System Configuration Window. Uncheck ‘SupportSoft sprtcmd’.


Click Apply and OK.

The Dell Support Center window will no longer startup with Windows. You’ve disabled that. In case a Dell Customer Care assistant wants you to open it, just use the search feature in the Windows Vista sidebar to search for Dell Support Center and launch it from there.

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April 30th, 2009 at 5:59 pm

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  • I think you can complete the whole thing completely with Crap Cleaner too.

  • Brian Collins

    Somehow the start-up routine duplicates the SupportSoft line, so the next time you boot up, Dell Support Center is back. If you deselect it, it will just reselect itself upon bootup. I’ve tried it with all combinations of selecting and deselecting the “dscactivate” item in the list, which is also another program in the Dell Support Center folder. No matter what, the Dell Support Center eventually comes back.

  • Brian Collins

    Okay, so I figured it out. Apparently you need to deactiviate the “SupportSoft Sprocket Service” in the SERVICES TAB. For good measure I also deactivated the SupportSoft and dscactivate lines in the STARTUP tab. The key is the item in the Services tab, however if you don’t want it to come back.

  • Ahwatukee T

    @ Brian Collins: Thanks for following up!

  • Personally, I uninstall it via the control panel to help save on resources a bit.

    All the extra junk thrown in by Dell boggs down any system.

  • Ha DO

    I’like it ,because dell support annoy me too much,allway appear on my screen, I want to disable or remove that problem,could you help?