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Disable the Touchpad in your Dell Laptop

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If you don’t like the touchpad in your laptop, you’ve probably bought yourself an external USB mouse. The touchpad might get into your way when you type. So, the best thing you can do is to disable it altogether or just disable it when an external mouse is attached.

How to disable the touchpad in Dell laptops?

This is the procedure you need to follow to disable the touchpad in your Dell laptop:

Go to the Control Panel. Under the ‘Hardware and Sound’ options, click ‘Mouse’


Since you have a Dell laptop, you’ll have a special tab called ‘Dell touchpad’ in the window that pops up. Click on the touchpad picture in the window.


In the new window that appears, click ‘Device Select’


Click on the ‘Disable’ radio button to disable the touchpad completely. If you want to disable the touchpad of your Dell laptop only when an external device like a mouse is attached, check the last option that says ‘Disable Touchpad/Pointing Stick when external USB mouse is present’


That’s it. You’ve disabled your laptop’s touchpad for good. If you don’t find an option to manage your touchpad in Mouse settings, you have to install Synaptics drivers from here. Similar options can be found in other laptops as well.

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April 30th, 2009 at 5:30 pm

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  • geoff

    Seems like it’s something to do with loading Win7 on a machine that came pre-installed with (rubbish) Vista? I have an Inspiron 1720 and have tried everything to disable the over-sensitive pad. Using the Dell DVD that came with the system I finally managed to get the Dell touchpad to show up in Control panel but….no option to disable it. Found it another way through device manager and, lo and behold, the option ‘Disable Device’ was greyed-out (i.e. not available). Tried through the mouse utilities but same result. So after much swearing and headaches I have opted for the engineer’s solution: I have sellotaped a small piece of thin cardboard over the touchpad, and that works just fine! Now I can type without the cursor runnin/jumping all over the place. Try that solution, it’s the easiest and least stressful. Wish I’d just done that in the first place, it was one of the first suggestions I found on the Internet. Geoff.

  • Mcgeedvd

    I have a inspiron 1520 with windows 7. I do not see anything like what you are saying I really need to turn off this touchpad

  • Arjayemm

    i had the same problem, but resolved by installing the utilities on a disc that came with my machine. no problem at all now and so simple once the program is installed

  • mE


  • Khalid Abusaad

    I have a Latitude E5500 and was able to disable the Touchpad by installing the driver from Dell (dell_touchpad—-pointing-st_a15_r298882.exe).  

  • Olivia Hodge

    You are a genius! This took me Directly to my missing touchpad. I have a Dell Vista 1545. The pad was so sensitive that as I typed a simple brush of my hand transposed words and sentences! Thank you so much!

  • Amy

    I had upgraded my Dell Studio 1535 to Windows 7 and the touchpad tab was missing for me too.  The instructions you will find here  will work.  Be sure to choose the 64 bit operating system when you go to download the driver.  I got an error message saying the 32 bit wouldn’t work with my OS.

  • Parfus

    Try MacGyver’s scotch tape it works pretty well with the touch pad – makes it quite numb. 

  • KikyoKitty

    If you’re like me you’ve probably looked online as to how to disable your touchpad while your USB mouse is plugged in. I own a Dell Inspiron 1545 and the directions that were showing up online were not options that were available to me…. So… I messed with settings for four hours and was finally able to change my mouse settings. On the off-chance that someone else is having the same problem I was having, I wanted to provide this information so someone else doesn’t want to rip their hair out.
    In my Mouse Properties there was no Dell Touchpad tab. I also do not have a touchpad hotkey on my laptop. From here I went to Control Panel>Device Manager>Mice and Other pointing devices. Right-click on Dell Touchpad and choose Scan for hardware changes. It should say something to the effect of PS/2 mouse. Basically you want to switch the Dell Touchpad to the PS/2 mouse setting. It will ask to reset. Do it.
    After the reset, Right-click on the desktop and choose personalization. Go to the Mouse Pointer option. Click it and go to the Hardware tab. Double Click on the PS/2 mouse. A new window should pop up. Go to the Driver tab. Click update driver. It will search online and update the drivers for you. Afterwards it will ask to reset. Do it. You may ask why I didn’t do this in the first place without switching Dell Touchpad to PS/2. I did. It didn’t do crap. It said that my drivers were already updated. If this works for you off the bat you don’t have to follow the Device Manager step. Bully for you.
    After the reset, Right-click on the desktop and choose personalization. Go to the Mouse Pointer option. There should now be the Dell Touchpad tab under the Mouse Properties. Yay! Now you can finally follow the directions that everyone else has posted online as to how to disable the touchpad when a USB mouse is plugged into the computer.

  • Doug1943

    This would be great, except that  on my Dell 1545 Inspiron, there is no Touchpad tab in the Mouse section of Control Panel. Dell is unable to help. Can anyone else help??? Please????

  • SouperCooper

    I am having similar problem with Vostro 1700 The directions specified do not work.  The drivers on Dell web site state they are not compatible with my system. ( Dell Vostro 1700 with windows 7) any ideas

  • Theedman22

    Appreciate your replying SC.   I think I got my answer from Bob Rankin(?) think is his name.   He puts out articles each week on computers and one week he put out an article on this very thing.   I downloaded what he suggested and have used my mouse ever since.

  • Breedy

    I have a Vostro 1710.  I went into Control Panel, selected Mouse.  In Mouse Properties, there was no extra tab that said Dell Touchpad, but there was an extra tab that said Device Settings.  In that tab, there was one device, labeled Standard Pointing Device.  I highlighted that item and hit the Disable button.  Now, once I’ve logged into Windows, the touchpad no longer responds (thank God!), but my external mouse works fine.

  • Rok_sa_na_m

    this tab is not in my lap top!!!!!! . the model of my lap top is 3300

    please help!!!!!

  • Rok_sa_na_m

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  • Rok_sa_na_m

    bayad deriver ino az site dell download konid va ro sistemeton nasb konin

  • Jamshidkyani

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  • John Michael Mostow

    There is no way that I can find a way to turn off touchpad on dell inspiron windows`s 7 without a sledge hammer involved…..I will go to the store where purchased this piece of crap. then my friend with video camera in hand…Will allow me to give a well rehearsed  speech on how disappointed I am in the service and and the product and beleive me the public will know exactly what brand make and model Dell Inspiron I`m talking about…Then with my trusty sledge I will proceed to smash this piece of crap until it is no longer recognizable as anything……Here`s  where my satisfaction comes in……I will continually post on U TUBE…I bet it catches on for a great laugh,and a great add for your computer……you have until 2/13/12

  • Gordon

    I am having the same issue as you frank. Have you been able to resolve the problem?

  • Frank Goudaillier


  • riho

    Dont have that touch pad tab in mouse properties

  • Olli

    bullshit, there is not such item, it’s in “Printers and other hardware”… and no such selection (to disable touchpad) is available.

  • baljeetd

    But note, I have a Dell XPS 15z with a Cypress Touchpad, so it was: C:Program FilesCypressTrackPadCyCpIo.exe

    That reveals the tab to manage the touchpad.

  • Mczeiser

    I finally got rid of this problem by downloading the driver, rebooting and diabling it in the new screen that popped up after driver installed!

  • Mike

    I found it!  I too could not find the Dell touchpad tab through the mouse settings.  Then I tried opening “Devices and Printers” from the Start Menu, right clicked on the laptop icon, and in the list that appeared selected “Mouse” – it opened the Dell Touchpad tab!!!  Was able to set “Disable the touchpad when an external mouse is connected.”  I am a happy man.

  • Tienka

    Sticky Man, you saved me from a heart attack! Thanks!

  • Ninjamajik07

     Ty Stickyman,I had to enable,click apply,then disable and click apply,but it worked,ty again.

  • Ian Tiangco

    I have the same problems and the downloading of R257288.exe did not did the trick. Well It just did now.. This is what I have done.. You need to manually install it under C>dell>drivers>R257288>Setup..

    I hope that helps.. I am happy that I was able to disable my touchpad.. Even the button near f12 is working properly :)

  • Dmonte

    i dont have the dell touch pad in my mouse area  why?  i found it in another place but wont let me disable

  • andewpttsbrgh@nour sweaterity

    back, orb

  • bullick

    tnx alot… this is wat i did and it works…..