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Download Skype Standalone Offline Installer

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If you download Skype for Windows, you have to download a small 1.8 MB installer. When you run the installer, it’ll attempt to connect to the internet to download the real Skype setup file. This is a pain in the neck if you’re going to install Skype in multiple computers, because you have to download the full setup file again every time.


A good choice would be to keep a standalone, offline installer for Skype that doesn’t require an internet connection to setup Skype on your computer that will install Skype on your PC in a matter of seconds (without connecting to the internet, of course).

You can download the standalone version of the Skype installer that works offline by clicking on this link.

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April 19th, 2009 at 2:25 pm

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    Quite extraordinary; it is shocking that companies just expect one to follow the user define path for download comp. software instead making the download for once; the stand alone install will sufficient for any average user AND the pro’s deployment teams, but, they only provide the Installer App. Why do they think they can reingeer better what Windows has builtin? This ridiculous; Iphone and Ipad version of skype do not do a same; why should PC be different? Thank you, Killer Tech Tips, for this great Tip. I could not live without!!!!

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