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10 Kick Ass Right Click Tools For Windows

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The right mouse button is probably under utilized. Windows neither gives you good tools/features that can be accessed from the right click menu nor does it give options to customize the same.

Add some power to the right mouse button by using the following apps and tools. They could save your time, get tasks done quicker than you think and over the course of time, become so essential.

#1. Send To Flickr – Upload photos to Flickr straight from the right click menu. A preview windows shows the progress of the upload.

#2. Send To Gmail – Enter your Gmail login credentials, right click on any file and send it to your Gmail account. A quick backup solution.

#3. Send To Google Docs – Right click on any document to upload it to Google Docs

#4. DeleteOnClick – Adds an option to the right click menu to securely delete files so that they will not be recoverable later.


#5. Unlocker – Windows gives an annoying “File Cannot be Deleted” message if you try to delete any file that is being used by a process. You can just right click and select the Unlocker tool to override this warning and proceed with the deletion.

#6. Image Resizer – XP has got it’s image resizing Powertoy tool, but this one is for Vista users and users on 64 Bit OSes. Right click, choose the dimensions

#7. FileMenu Tools – This app adds a whole lot of goodies in your Explorer sidebar. Have a look at the screenshot from Matt’s post to know the amount of options it provides you with:


Also, check out a similar tool called Open++ that can be used to add a range of custom options to your right click menu.


#8. ClickZap – Double click on your right mouse button to quickly perform actions like muting speaker volume, shutting down Windows, minimizing or closing all Windows, or logging off.

#9. Clickie Path Name Copier – Right click on any file/folder to copy its path to the clipboard. Can also be used to open the MS Dos Command Prompt in the selected directory.

#10. Rightload – Adds right click context menu options so that you can upload pictures to Flickr, Imageshack, Tinypic, or an FTP server very, very quickly.

Bonus: If your right click menu is loaded with lots of options that you seldom use, check out Moo0 Right Clicker so that you can clean them up.

If you know of any other tools that add features to the right click menu, do sugges them in the comments.

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April 17th, 2009 at 4:24 pm

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  • Excellent List Shankar, I use quite a few of these already, will check out the new ones

  • Nice to see you blogging again 🙂
    And awesome post as usual.
    [Following you now on twitter]

  • This post kicks ass buddy!

  • Nice list. Had no idea these existed.

  • munish luther

    you rock man,,,,,my right click is more powerful i think now,,,thanks for the post……….

  • brian

    when i used to rick click it would just pop up now it fans out kind of slowly. I cannot seem to find a setting which would change the way the right click menu appears….anyone have any ideas?

  • The File Menu Tools product (#7) is really all anyone needs…

    …not that some of the other products aren’t useful. It’s just that with File Menu Tools, you can put prettmy much ANYTHING on the right-click menu in Windows Explorer… including stuff that’s not intended to be there. One of File Menu Tool’s best features is the ability to move other right-click menu utilities onto a sub-menu so that the right-click menu in Windows Explorer doesn’t get so long (I hate when it’s so long that one has to scroll-up/down just to see all of it).

    And in Vista, at least, item 9 is kinda’ pointless because all one has to do to convert Vista’s “breadcrumb trail” feature up at the top of the window to a full, regular path which can be copied to the clipboard as easily as Ctrl-C is to left-single-click on the little file folder at the far left end of the breadcrumb trail. In other words, just navigate to the folder whose path you want to copy to the clipboard, then left-single-click on the little folder icon at the far left end of the breadcrumb trail, and, voila!, it turns into a normal full path. Then you just Ctrl-C it to the clipboard. Easy!

    Gregg L. DesElms
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com
    Napa, California

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  • Sirisha

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