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BSNL Broadband Usage

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If you’re using BSNL Broadband services here in India, you might be wondering how you can check your BSNL Broadband Usage. It’s quite easy, but a lot of people seem to be not knowing where they should go to check their BSNL Broadband Usage. Here are a few methods to monitor your bandwidth usage:

Websites To Check BSNL Broadband Usage

You can check BSNL Broadband usage from official BSNL sites. Here’s how you can go about checking your bandwidth usage:

Go to

Type in the username and password in the respective boxes, and click Login

Click ‘Service Records’ from the left pane

Select the month for which you want to check broadband usage, and click OK

BSNL Broadband Usage Website

The broadband usage meter will display the amount of bandwidth you used in the Total Volume (GB) column.

Software to Check BSNL Broadband Usage

In addition to using the website mentioned above to check BSNL broadband usage, you can also download the Shaplus Dataone Broadband Usage Software for free from this page. You gotta download any one of the tools on the page, enter your Portal ID (you should obtain it from the BSNL guys) and then click the ‘Check Bandwidth Usage’ button.

The good thing about this freeware tool is that it spruces up your broadband usage in pretty charts, as you can see from the screenshot below:

Shaplus BSNL Broadband Usage Checker

Datafox Firefox Addon To Find and Check BSNL Dataone Broadband Usage

If you’re using the Firefox browser instead of Internet Explorer, you can download and install an extension called Datafox from here using which you can monitor and check BSNL Broadband Usage from inside Firefox. Once the addon is installed and Firefox is restarted, click on its status bar icon to enter your BSNL username and password and click Login. Put your cursor over the icon and you’ll see your broadband usage details:


How do you check your BSNL Broadband Usage?

Those were just three ways you to check BSNL Broadband usage. Do you have any other efficient means by which you track and check BSNL Dataone Broadband Bandwidth? Tell us in the comments section.

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April 16th, 2009 at 7:29 pm

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  • Mohamed

    hi amita nd joshi,, go to and find the usage,,,,tahnx

  • ashwin

    Hi i am ashwin..i am using 500c plan bsnl..i am not getting the usage of my broadband since aug 1st.. i tried in site ..even in bsnl usage software..plz help me..

  • hi
    pls give me information for used of BSNL broadband given link is not working proparlly pls i m waiting for your reply

  • my brdbnd password i dont know anybody help me…

  • renj

    brdbnd password is “password”

  • ashish

    whenever i try to log in for usage check it shows wrong id or password but when i try for password change it get log in….

  • amit

    hey user id and portal id are same?

  • Susanta

    i cant check my usage.. doesn’t work..
    smone plz help…

  • Gills

    Go to and there you will find a link to check your broadband usage. Login with broadband username and password and then check service records and month to see usage for the month.

  • Gills

    Guys lets me know if the above worked…..

  • RAJ


  • Gills

    Yes guys portal id and user id is the same…

  • Gills

    Go to your local BSNL circle site and there is link to check broadband usage…atleast it is there on the site of my lacol BSNL circle.

  • Gills

    Hi Rag did you login with your broadband ID or some other ID you registered with

  • Rag

    Gills, I found it at last. It is under the link My Services!

  • anu

    i lost my user id and password, what should i do to , i cant check usage? plz help

  • i m nat able to open the link . is this page is under repair or some problem is there in it

  • somashekhar

    sir pls mail whom to contact for forgotten password of user ID of BSNL bb

  • somashekhar

    sir pls mail whom to contact for forgotten password of user ID of BSNL bb sevice

  • p.shanmugam

    sir. pls give the my broadband usage untill sep 22.

  • Pls, sir there maked some problem to know my portal usages, when i try to see my portal usages and type the id and password then shown me user name and password is wrong. How can i see my portal usages.

  • Sri

    Whenevr I login and check the usage it says “Sorry. Operation timed out. For safety, please log in again.”


  • I want to know my Portal ID and password what may I do ?

  • Are broadband user ID and password same to Portal ID and password ?

  • harith

    call 12678 & get ur Broadband ID and Password,By default all password vl b “PASSWORD” only.

  • Sir, I have four ID and Passwords as shown below:-(1)-username(ID)nnpandey Password jek4257JE (2)-username(ID) np7652230708 Password Password (3)-username(ID) pandeynn password PVu6232PV (4)Pandeynn Password 14275764 .I have tried all of these as Portal ID but every time it is displayed that username or password is invalid.Phone No. 12678 is not existing.Please tell me my Portal ID

  • Subhadeep

    Thanks for the article. It became very helpful for me.

  • hey, the easiest way to get ur broadband usage is on ur mobile phone..
    if u r having BSNL sim card then just send a toll-free SMS on 51050 in below manners…….
    send like this…
    “USE (ur STD code) (ur landline number)”
    e.g…. USE 0265 2354186

    here 0265 is STD code of baroda and 2354186 is the landline number…then after the BSNL will send u total usage on ur phone in just some seconds….
    ENJOY this COOL WAY…….

  • Sir,I have bsnl sim card. I have sent some SMS on 51050 as advised by you on 1 Oct.09,but it is displayed on the mobile screen ” not sent to:51050″ .

  • sandeep

    how can i know the usage of my broadband?i have 299Rs. plan, in which i can use upto 1 GB. so how can i find the usages, rent etc.


  • ganesh

    i cant login in bb usage . when i use my id and password u cant login .pls check u r id is on data.bsnl and also in mail bsnl also.pls give me suggestion to my usage of bb.

  • BSNL broadband
    “Sorry. Operation timed out. For safety, please log in again.”


    can someone mail me the solution please

  • vivek

    i am using BSNL broad band Of plan home 500c.
    And i had not opened the net at night and it is showing that u have downloaded 1778654 MB 20.10.09 ( 11:00:26 Pm – 01:12:24 Am). and day before yesterday too it happens and my usage details it is not showing i had opened the net in the morning but it is not showing…..
    sir , plz do some thing…..


  • please teel me how to check the bsnl broadband usage

  • how to check the bsnl broadband usage

  • how many mb or gb used in a minute

  • bipin kadiwala

    how can i check my bsnl broadband usage ?

  • bipin kadiwala

    how can i check my bsnl broadband usage ?plz !

  • bipin kadiwala

    bsnl broadband usage site ; plz help me !

  • bipin kadiwala

    kela boliye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • prabhakar

    Guys its really quite simple….!!
    call BB Support at phone nos 1502 or 1504 & get ur Broadband ID and Password from the service guy/gal; mention u want to check usage.
    Then go to and use the given ID to login (password is ‘password’)
    You’ll see the ‘My Profile’ page where you can change ID password, etc.
    Click on the adjacent ‘My Services’ tab and enter the search criteria – Broadband, Account No (default), and Month. Press Search and you get that months usage.

  • Bhawna

    service guy sayz he doesn’t hav the portal id…. 🙁

  • subramanian

    Bsnl fellows are either ignorant or totally corrupt. These fellows have to give a id and password initially when they come for connecting broadband . THis id and password ( you cant change this password while you can change the mail password ( which also is the same initially . Go to dataone site and login and opt for usage or mail ( appropriate password )

  • sidharath

    how can i check my broadband usage ?

  • how can i check my broadband usage?

  • Jose albert

    Like to install ipvaani at myhome. may be using once in 10days for mking international calls. Does BSNL broadband 125kb sufficient?. or shud i go for more?

  • Rohith

    friends this is rohith,
    i am using bsnl bbservice but i could not open some of the website,
    can just anyone tell me the problem to solve this problem
    n how to check my broadband usage.


  • solomonchandran

    am a new user of bsnl broadband, i want to know about my account usage. how to open it, update me in detail

  • I am a new user of bsnl broadband,and i want to know about my account usage. how to open it and check out my bsnl broadband detail.

  • bsnl dataone broadband

  • Arjun

    To check bsnl broadband usage. You need to signup at

  • Vijay

    Registered at
    But cannot find any link to check the usage.Help appreciated.

  • BSNL Broadband is the best Internet facility, I have ever come across.
    M.Durga Prasad,
    State Chief, All India Human Rights Association
    VIP member Of Consumers forum
    Life member Red Cross
    Member Of Amnesty International
    Publicity Officer PRESS
    AIHRA International Bi-lingual Fort-nightly Magazine

  • harsha.r

    guys i dont know wat is my broadband login id wat do i do

  • sriramya

    to know the broadband usage

  • sriramya

    to check my broad band usage

  • sriramya

    mam/sir plz give me the information about my bsnl broad band usage till 7dec

  • how can i see my usage of my broadband,rep me quickly sir

  • Hi Jose, BSNL 125 plan is more than enough to use VoIP service like IPvaani or vonage if you use it 10 days once. I have 250rs plan for IPvaani. I use it every day atleast 30min. I never exceeded my data. Hope it helps you!

  • Hey, thanks for this useful info. For the last two months I have seen a sudden spike in my broadband usage and my bills. I was wondering what the reason could be. Yesterday I logged into the site you mentioned and am now monitoring my usage hour by hour. It should help understand what has caused this sudden tripling of my internet bills!!

  • vasant mehta

    i want to know my broadband usage, plz help soon

  • Dear Sir

    I have want my dataone brodband bill Nov. 2009 Plz send me mail

    Regards : vskarambali

  • Jafri

    Hello friends.I am using Rs 250/month plan.Last month my bill rose to Rs 832/month for broadband usage!!!!!!!!!!!I already have DU Meter but i think its not appropriate for broadband.Any better soution???
    -Thanx in advance.

  • yesterday, bsnl broadband usage of my account was showing 2 gb download as on 22.01.2010, whereas yesterday was 03.01.2010. today the usage is showing correctly. dont know what happens to bsnl sometimes.


    kindly send me a webaddress of broadband usage…,Nothing is proper in bsnl site

  • edwin

    its simple.. type BBUSE (SPACE)”YOUR LANDLINE NO WITH STD CODE” send to 52295 (only for BSNL network)
    for other network users, will tell shortly.. checking.. 🙂

  • sathya

    i want to know my broadband bill of january 2010.. send to my mail id sir..

  • sathya

    i want ao know how to check broadband usage.. i put 550 plan .. tel the procedure to check broad band usage to my mail id sir..

  • Kanchan Kumar Chowdhury

    how can i know the usage of my broadband?i have 299Rs. plan, in which i can use upto 1 GB. so how can i find the usages, rent etc.

  • Atul Sharma

    i want to know how to check broadband usage.. i put 500 home combo plan .. tell the procedure to check broad band usage to my mail id sir. Is browsing not free in this plan.

  • sir please tell my broadband usage till today

  • i am a bsnl broad band user.i want know my bb usage till february 18,please give me the usage details

  • Dharmashloka

    how can i get my portal id??

  • Fail to open BSNL PORTAl.I want to see my BB usage
    for Feb,10 till 18th.

  • ksrinivasa

    Is portal id and user id are same …..
    It’s reporting me an error

  • bennet

    im not able to check my broad band usage. they gave a portal id ne a password. but then im nt able to check. what should i do to check

  • juhi

    guard kabardar!!!!!!!!!!!1 hoshiyaaaaaaaaaaar

  • juhi

    sali log paise lana par bhi usage nahi batatee!!!!!!

    koi hai ki nahi !!!!!

  • muthukumar

    Sir I want to check my bb account usage pse guide me

  • nash

    1st create a account in u have to wait for 24hrs. log in useing ur id and pswd u will see 2 options left hand side top corner home and servise select servise and select the option check my unbilled broadband useage and u have to put ur tel no. in the bok and click on ok and uwill see the require details



  • sakharam j. ingawale


  • Mentor

    Google Public DNS: Configure your network settings to use the IP addresses and as your DNS servers. This will be helpful in those condition when your ISP (internet service provider e.g. BSN., MT.., Tat. Indi., Airt.. Broadband etc. ) is blocking any websites which is working perfectly fine with other ISPs. This will also enhance your browsing speed.

  • i want to know a speed .
    hows the monthly bill can calculate on basis on MB downloading.

  • The website can not managed by bsnl. give it to some private party.from last 10 days webserver of this site not working. perhaps this the new CHAL of BSNL to collect the money from broad band users….

  • manranjan panda

    home plan-299c
    i want to know how to check for daily or weekly not monthly broad band usage.

  • avi

    the websites you all give don’t open on the google chrome
    can i open it on internet expl. no never these all websites are wrong so don’t waste your time

  • sukhdev singh

    Please tell me my Portal ID and password. thank you.

    Sukhdev Singh

  • ElwinBhai

    Hi Guys…..Tanx To Evry1 who posted d sms technique of knowin BB usage… really works!!! n dat too dint tak a second 4 d reply…….DIN EVER KNEW THAT BSNL COULD DO SOMETHING LIK DAT…………:-D

  • That’s indeed a Killer tech tip!


    none of them is working they are showing some internal error has occured what should i do?

  • michael

    i cant check broad band usage
    kindly send how to get into that

  • himanshu

    bsnl is always havng prbl related to brodbnd usag website.even our local bsnl staff”s r failng in helpin us regardn this staff told me u can chq ur usag at failure for me.plz repl soon.

  • Manik Chandra Saha

    After login when I am going to check service records it fails. As a result I can not check my service records. Please solve the problem and let me know how I check the broadband usage record.

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    GR8 Info, what are other good sites to confirm this info and how to make more money that have helped you?

  • i had forgot my user id and password. pls help me soon

  • pls tel how to the user id and password which i forgot.pls help me if any one know.mail me @

  • i have taken broadband 500c home plan with 20%rebaters 400 was charging up to dec 09but since jan2010 bills r getting rs500 why?ihave lodging complains a/o alambagh lko.every month but no fruitfull result.what is remidy?R P SAXENA.MMD1-410 LDA KP RD LKO MY LLNO. 05222432134 TPNR MY EMAIL- chitransh42@gmail.comafter getting IDandPASSWORD but not getting broadband ussage


    how to check the bsnl broadband usage

  • Sandesh

    plssss nyone can tel me how to check bsnl broadband usage….m not able to chck my usage till april….

  • Harkirat

    Hi, i want to know that tehere are extra charges or not in 150 or 125 plan……

  • richa

    hi can any one tell me how cud i see my broadband usage

  • http://www.SELFCARE.NDC.BSNL.CO.IN
    dont open this site how can cheak bb uesage

    ER.gaurav rajput

  • dont open this site how can cheak bb usage

    ER.gaurav rajput
    Im very tences

  • mousumi

    i am using combo 500 plan, will i b charged extra for using the broadband connection

  • vimala

    How to check brodband usage

  • yogesh pawar nasik

    how to check account usage can somebody tell me…



  • i am new user to bsnl broadband, i dont know how to check usage of the broadband please help me.

  • hy sir i have still problem to register self csre broadband usuage
    please help me to register and send me my telephone id to my email id

  • Rajeev

    i lost my user id and password, what should i do to , i cant check usage? plz help

  • sathisha

    i want to check useage

  • nishikant gore

    i want to check useage

  • R.Surendran

    Dear Sir, I get new broadband bsnl connection on last July. I am in 500c tariff scheme. I want to check my useage. But when I goto such link it asks me my user id and password. How can I get it?

  • Sir, I am unable to check my broadband usages because my account and profile are not displayed on the monitor. Will you please help and guide me properly. Thanks

  • J.Kingsly

    Dear Sir, I get new broadband bsnl connection on last July. I am in 500c tariff scheme I want to chech my usage.

  • preethi

    Sir, i have changed my broadband plan from 250 to 5ooc. i want to know i m in which plan now.

  • Edward

    i want to lock my wlan search using password. how can i do it

  • how can i check my usage of this month’

  • mvs sarma

    sir, i have changed my broadband plan from 625 to 125. i want to konwn i am in which plan now

  • Rajapandiyan

    i am new user to bsnl broadband, i dont know how to check usage of the broadband please help me.

  • Rajapandiyan

    I am in 750+ plan. if i work at 2 to 8pm how many charges will you claim.

  • HI iam sowmya

    hi i want to check my account usage
    but my password doesnt work
    it always shows incorrect passwaord
    wat shal i do knw
    can anyone help me out pls

  • pushpa

    let me know how to viw broad band usage

  • rinchan

    i tried all d links,user ids,messages by my bsnl phone but still can’t get the broadband usage……
    what should i do now???plz help…….

  • jpanda

    bsnl portel is not fast

  • vilasmhatre

    i cant able to findout my usage account

  • ankit

    please help me…………..i can’t know from where i check my usage account….

  • Akshay

    Hi! Friends I will tell u the easiest way to check your broadband usage log on to and fill all the details and after 24 hours u will be done to check ur usage!!!!!!

  • i am downloadig 3gb/day in 750(unlimited)
    will have any additional charges

  • Arathy

    http://www.SELFCARE.NDC.BSNL.CO.IN is opening now. To check broadband usage please register in this with your username and password. You can go to services and check outstanding broadband usage.

  • deepak

    i have 500 combo plan…to check my broadband usages, i used to use dataone link using portal id and password till august 2010..but after that whenever i would use this link it suggested me to use link by getting registered there…… i got registered my username and password on that link,…and for first two days i checked my broadband usages…but after that this link… either doesn’t open or if opens, says that “no service availed by u” … that problem is how should i check my broadband usage so that it doesn’t exceed my limit… any body there to address my problem….to check to usaged through sms by sending BBU stdcodeand phone no. to 52295…is also not working.

  • sabitha

    how to check usage details. i need a clear explanation.I have been trying it for months.

  • andrew

    I am not able to access my Bsnl usage of Broadband pls provide me the link

  • Rajdeep

    Today for the 1st time in around 9 months i was able to check my bsnl broadband usage. I called several helpline numbers like 18004241600 and 12678 where i never got satisfactory answer as to what are my username/password for logging to website where we could check our broadband usage. So finally i decided to follow up today with nearest CSC and they gave a local data centre number for Bangalore (25309911) where on providing my landline number i was given my userid and password!!!







  • venkaiah

    sir plese send to me my internet ussage.

    user name : 4011125800

  • Sir my password and ID is being generated on 22/01/11.I am still waiting for confirmation email ID and password to view the broadband usage details.



  • Arun

    Go to
    ( if north side instead sdc it is ndc
    if east side instead sdc it is edc
    if west side instead sdc it is wdc )
    Register newly. It will ask customer ID and bb id ( service id ) which is avl in your monthly phone bill. Provide them.

    login with the user name and password which you used to register in

    once logged in click services. It will open one mone page with three tabs. by default the tab opens is catalog.
    click the service tab. It will list the services avl. Click the ‘Check My Broadband Unbilled Usage Details’ link.
    Thats all.

  • binni

    where is the bb id in the phone bill…i come under SDC.BSNL

  • Paaaaar

    how track bsnl passwords in wifi

  • Chettyasc

    tell me how to check my usage in broadband

  • Leonrox99

    3g is faster than 2g (yes)or(no)

  • Charan Gopalam

    how to check bsnl internet broad band bill and land free calls

  • tell me how to check my usage in broadband

    * Reply

  • tell me how to check my usage in broadband

    * Reply

  • Nagaraj Paul

    it is very simple.
    We can only checked by internet explore.
    next customer portal
    (in small font) first you ve to register your account.
    then check it your Broad Band usage.

  • Svt Venkat

    how to check my broad band usage

  • Ajaymalluwal

    tell me how to check my usage in broandband

  • Praveenkumar.D


  • Antonymenron

    tell me how to chek my usage in broadband

  • Kuchpudi praveen kumar

    how to change my password

  • Maheshdesai87


  • Rajesha9944

    rajesh kumar
    tell me how to check my broadband usuage

  • Sailen_404

    tell me how to check my broadband usage /month

  • Chanabasu7

    I am not able to Register to self care.sdc. How to use?

  • Dinesh Chand Mittal

    No dataone web pageto know BSNL Broadband Usage is opening

  • Togunavenu

    chedking broad band usage in bsnl portal is becoming difficult.The portal is often missing!!!

  • Coolashwin997

    Where to register to know my broad band usage?

  • Jamsheerakm

    tell me how to check usage in broadband

  • vs mohammed basheer

    how check up broad band bill and usage

  • syed habeebulla Hussain

    can u send my user ID and password to

  • syed habeebulla Hussain

    Ihave been paying my bills on line but iam not getting any discount please clarify08026571868

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