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How To Trace A Mobile Phone Number In India?

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Tracing a mobile phone number to its location in India is difficult. There are quite a number of hurdles and there aren’t really functional services in India that actually let you pin point and trace a mobile phone number in India.

Reverse lookup services weren’t very accurate when I tried to trace the location of a mobile phone number in India, but they could just help you in finding at least the state where these mobile phones are operating from.


You can use this page on Bharatiyamobile, or this international reverse lookup service from TP2 Location or this page by Hacktrix that could help you trace a mobile phone number in India. Let me know in the comments if you have had any success with any other service in tracing a mobile phone number in India.

Written by Killer Tech Tips

April 15th, 2009 at 10:19 am

  • Hi guys,
    You can only know the region and operator of the caller.
    The service providers only can access the database.
    It cant be on any website.
    If you have any problems just contact your service provider,they will help you..

  • mj

    hi guys, you give me any mobile Delhi-NCR !dea no. i’ll give you full information(name &add.), also all the received & dialed phone call with details(date, time & call length in sec.).
    just call +919540000123,

  • djs

    hey mj can u help me out to find out the address of an idea mobile in U.P ?

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  • neo

    guys plz help me to locate my phone exactly where it is
    bcoz it is ringing but one is picking it up

  • Snj

    Hey mj… can you help me to find out jst owner name of an idea number in M.P??????

  • 100% mobile trace. reliable website.

  • Mr Helpful

    I can trace any mobile number in India INCLUDING the PERSON’s NAME (as registered in the database). No Joke.

    But you will have to convince me first that it’s for a just cause and not spam or hacking.

    Only Contact me between 12 PM and 11 PM on 09540737179

  • arindam

    well i receive every day or nite annonymous calls and i cannot make out the persons name who is caling . can u help me out

  • nnn

    Help me
    i am trying to find an application for mobile no tracing

  • Thanks for your idea and efforts.I will definitely pay more. Thanks one more time for making these things real. I will be waiting for other new updates from you in the future.

  • this is me

    Hi Mr helpful

    I need to get the whole details of this person who has been bothering me for the past couple of months.

    i need to know the call details on her phone received and dialled.
    Do you think its possible

  • Need Help

    Hi All

    My friend in India is getting creepy phone calls from a number. Is there a way to find out whose number it is?

    Need Help

  • Rao

    Can u plzzz track the mobile number +917416544967.The person is troubling me……giving missed calls.Plzzz help me…..

  • Bandisha

    can you tell me whose no is this9272929571

  • R@J

    The indian mobile trace sucks it is only showing the state not city

  • MJT

    I want locate the Mobile Numbers by the help of Google Map. I want to trace my people, currently where they are located.

  • MJT

    Hai friends,

    I do not want to know the address of a mobile number. But require to know the exact location of the mobile with the help of google Map?

  • rBJ

    i want know +91995107934 complete detail, like name address any email id etc. pls respond ASAP

  • Sharad

    Pls M J Help me . who is this person this no is +91 9887516708

  • saad

    haye like hot girls so any hot girl join cell number is 00966598160130

  • Hakim

    Hi,i want to know the complete name and address for this mobile number – 07568369919,he is troubling my family members by calling and using indecent language.please anyone help me.

  • siri

    pl can any one help me in finding the incomming and outgoing call list of a mobile number.
    pl help me in this reagard.

  • varunkumar

    i want to know the person and his location of this number 9177345788. he is bothering my friend. plz help me…


    please give the details of Below mentiond mobile number, he is doing calls to my friend and use misusing words to her , please give his name and adress of this mobile number 9533143090

  • rimsy chandna

    pls track these nos. 9555196047 & 9654986129
    This guy is a tailor and had ran away with all the clothes that i had given him to stitch for me… please someone help me out … ill be grateful.

  • rohit

    hey guys plz tell me all details about this no. 7737002369… from this no very abusing msgs are coming.
    call me at 7737340605

  • hi.. pls trace this num..7502222031…. give full details.. he is troubling my family..! pls help me…!
    thank you…

  • manoj

    To all those who want to trace mobile number, you can just download this software . it will tell which state and operator that number belongs to.

  • sirish

    Hi please trce the mobile number 9279000445. He is troubling me.

    Warm Regards,

  • Anonymous

    You can try this

    Works for India and international phone numbers.
    Identified my number correctly..

  • Ali asger

    will u tell me whose no is this ‘8109564462’

  • stella


    Can u find out and tell the details of the prepaid number 8940700226 i m gettin unwanted calls from this no.

  • shubhi

    7500142469……….pls someone is giving me dirty msg frm this and blank calls pls let me know his name pls……..

  • I want to be a registered. Pleese submit this comment. Pleese, I search the all mobile no. details.

  • abdul


    Hai friends,

    9788078723. I do not want to know the address of a mobile number. But require to know the exact location of the mobile with the help of google Map or anything? he is troubling my family members by call, sms and using indecent language.please anyone help me.

  • Hi..!
    i want to know particular location of phone or cell number then we can got more reliable information

  • I hope this is also available in other countries like in the Philippines. Some nuisance callers are really annoying me and I can’t report their numbers.

  • why india has no reverse phone lookup as usa


    i need to know my friends location, he is on a train journey and his number is unavailable now can any one help plzz

  • Plz tell me about Aliza 09915777953 Escort Service in Chandigarh.

  • vads

    please help.she’s troubling our married life.her number is 0919764146264.i just want to know the name of that person where she’s from. i am from pune.i would appreciate ur help.thank you.

  • Princess

    hi, mr. helpful or mj. i am not a spam or a hacker i just want to locate a person i really like. he live in india and i am planning to go there but nextmonth but he dont pick up he’s phone i wonder if you can help me locate where he live the address please. and if ever you can locate this address and the name cuz i want to make sure ur not a spam provide me a name for the address u have located of course i just want to make sure u know.. help me please..+919941776764

  • ASMS

    Plz Help me….
    I want the information about this number
    if u get the details inform me in the following mail address

  • ASMS

    Plz Help me….
    I want the information about this number
    if u get the details inform me in the following mail address

  • Ram

    Tracing the Number is GOOD. but you need trace the name of the person who is holding

  • Mayur patil

    plese provide with perfact area details & location

  • Rdevisree

    Plz provide the best site to trace atleast the name of the person holding.

  • Tamilmechman

    +6629252649 wrong call received every time

  • manoj kumar

    For android mobile there is one app which will show the incoming call lacation while the phone is ringing . more info at

  • Leonindirakumar

    i need a number like this 9958885888

  • Hemantdabhade

    not good yaarrrrrr

  • Kram Ram420

    i want my girl’s number… help me to find it..

  • rudra singh

    where do you exactly live?

  • Akaaryan52

    i need a good girl

  • Irusfeel

    918606377313  iwant this num all details

  • Kanakg3391

    sir plz tell me about the address of number 9634273812……………,i m in trouble…..,

  • Kanakg3391

    n also the person who is using this number 9634273812

  • Sharma Manishankar65

    9559772959     this number are u find the name of the person which area call to me

  • Jain_sontu

    8058316925 who is owner this number, where is location

  • Hotakshay15

    Hey I ve an apple iphone 3GS and i’d like to kno is there any app to trace their real time location on map

    thank you 🙂

  • Found another gr8 tool Mobile Number Tracing.

  • Ram Asdf gives all the info realted to landlines, mobiles etc. it can trace the operator of the landline number also. updated till Jan 2012

  • Nitesh20111

    9090615829 missed call every time.can you give me address and location of this number

  • Happyz


  • Happyz

    received missed calls form 9948943589 . how can i trace this user?


    MY MOBILE SMS# 09192616111—-SMSONLY

  • Dineshan

    I have tried to trace a missed caller. I could get only the location and the service provider. The name of the caller is not available. Thus it is useless.

  • Muhammad Salman
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  • Zaheen Haris

    Wow. I actually was in search of something like this. Thanks for the post. By the way, do check this article out