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How To Find If Your Computer Has Bluetooth?

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Bluetooth has become indispensable these days, letting you transfer data from one device to another. If you’re wondering how to find if your laptop has Bluetooth or not, here’s a guide on how you can check your laptop’s bluetooth capability in Windows Vista:

Click on the Start Menu and go to Control Panel


The Control Panel Window will appear, as you can see in the screenshot below. Click on Network and Internet.


A new page will open, as you can see below. If you can see an option that says Bluetooth Devices, your laptop has bluetooth capability.


If you don’t see the options for Bluetooth settings, your laptop probably doesn’t have Bluetooth. So, that’s how you can find if your laptop has bluetooth or not.

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April 14th, 2009 at 9:29 pm

  • Olivia

    I can not find Network and Internet in my control panel. What should I do ?

  • Dustin

    Ok so my laptop shows that i am able to add bluetooth devices and yet when i try to add my bluetooth mouse, phone, and headset i am unable to find the devices what so ever is there any way to find out wether or not i am able to add these devices another way?

  • olivia

    my computer only says network and internet connections. what shall i do?

  • Anshi


  • Gates_Bill

    I half hoped it was just turned off but I see I do not have BT at all. Oh well. But thank you for telling me how to find out.

  • Ryan

    I have a HP (Hewlett Packard) model no:m8330f and below the power button it keeps blinking, I think that is the bluetooth

  • rav

    hi my samsung x05 laptop’s manual says that it does have semco brand bluetooth but i cannot find any bluetooth device or hardware installed or to be waiting to install in the device manager.can anyone help.thx

  • besian

    i dont have a bluetooth on my pc with windows 7.what shoul I do,to put an internal bluetooth???

  • neil

    Just becouse theres a bluetooth option under the control panal does’nt mean that u have bluetooth. It means that it’s available with a bluetooth adapter or if it’s allready on ur pc, and to tell if u have it allready idk how to do that.

  • Sorry for the huge review, but I’m really loving your site as well as the excellent reviews some other people have written.

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  • Destinee

    I was sure that my dad’s computer had bluetooth, even though I couldn’t find anything about it in the control panel, so I studied the system and the device manager instead and there they are, 4 bluetooth ports that I am unable to connect to or edit the settings for. They’re all set to enabled and everything… It doesn’t make sense, why would the computer lie to me? Or is it saying that I have these ports that I can possibly connect a device to if I wanted; meaning one of those USB/bluetooth do-dats? Surely my phone is the device it’s talking about?!

  • arnie

    my laptop had blue tooth, i just got it reformatted and now i cannot seem to find the blue tooth connection?? what do i do? do you need to download something fr it to work?

  • jermz

    how do you know if you have bluetooth on your desktop?

  • Aaron

    so i show that i have the bluetooth on my laptop but it does not let me add any devices can u help

  • Caleeeb


  • Gyanendra Webmaster

    I am using internet through bluetooth in my laptop but from last few dayes I can not see my bluetooth option any where in my system. how can I reset it?

  • awesome_gurl

    hello! i try ur suggestion to try to find the bluetooth menu but i didnt find it ! pls help me yo find??

  • Ravi

    hello! i try ur suggestion to try to find the bluetooth menu but i didnt find it ! pls help me yo find??
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  • V I P-boy

    this is everything a boolshit i want to download a bluetooth Device .. to send a song through my computer .. and this thing dosen go .. Boolshit

  • V I P-boy

    yes i want to find the bluetooth as well!!!

  • Guest

    I have  that icon but then, i can’t do anything on it, its kind of weird
    mines description looks a bit different and i can’t click on Bluetooth settings

  • Guest

    same with me, i get to the window about bluetooth
    but i when i click the bluetooth settings tab nothing new opens

  • Nightdreamer_glitz777

    it just mean that you don’t have bluetooth, aren’t you reading???

  • Koolchickriley

    What if your not under administrator account? Would the “Bluetooth Devices” be there or do you have to be logged in as administrator?

  • Bamboori

    is it on windows 7 premium?

  • Fuckyoubicth

    it doesnt really means you dont have bluetooth, sometimes you just dont have the program for it installed… lacking intelligence? 

  • Wullieboyy

    hi, I  understand what you mean although just under my screen to the right is the bluetooth logo and its lighting up but I cant find bluetooth on my laptop, does this mean I can download it or would it be hardware ?

  • Wullieboyy

    can you download the program for it or is it hardware ? I have the bluetooth logo lighting up at the bottom right corner of my screen but cant find it in control panel ? please help

  • G_phia

    i try to find the bluetooth in computer but i didnt find it

  • Jackson

    This is totally wrong! My laptop does NOT have Bluetooth, yet I have the “Bluetooth Devices” option in Vista. It’s there in case you need it… as in adding a Bluetooth adapter via USB.

  • I also have the same problems :S

  • my laptop has Bluetooth button but doesn’t has icon in control panel then how to use….

  • same problem

  • Billteud

    People like you shouldn’t be allowed to own computers.

  • Samari Prime

    Aw I don’t have one >_< Thanks for the tip.