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5 Firefox Addons To Check Out If You Browse Inappropriate Sites From Office

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Do you frequently browse social networking sites when you’re at work? Do you also fear getting embarrassed in front of your colleagues or boss for opening inappropriate sites when you really have you be working? Check out these five Firefox extensions that could save you in times of crisis.

1. Panic – Download


At the press of a hot key, this addon closes all opened tabs and opens a new tab that leads to a web page of your choice (by default, a Google search page for “Increasing Workplace Productivity” is opened but it can be altered). Using another hotkey, the previously opened sites can be restored easily.

2. Page Title Eraser – Download


Using this Firefox addon, you can quickly hide tab titles and also the favicon of any tab or all tabs. Just press the hotkey combo Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H to hide the current tab title.

3. Tab Renamizer – Download


In just a flash, Tab Renamizer can rename the title of all your inactive tabs with the press of a hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+Z) by replacing it with random words. Otherwise, you can manually rename a tab by using the F2 key.

4. Faviconize TabDownload


Shows only the favicon of the current website on its tab title. Just do a Ctrl+Shift+Alt and click on the tab title to reduce the tab title bar to show only the favicon.

5. Minimize To Tray – Download


You can use this addon to minimize Firefox to the system tray instead of the taskbar or minimize to the system tray on closing the window. The pity is that this addon doesn’t work in the latest versions of Firefox.

Know of any similar Firefox addons that have saved your privacy in office? Tell us in the comments! Also, make sure that you check out our previous lists of latest and greatest Firefox addons.

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April 6th, 2009 at 11:53 am

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