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Six Things You’re Yet To Back Up and How To Back Them Up

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You’ve backed up all files in your harddisk, thanks to Mozy, DropBox, SugarSync, or Carbonite. But there are some things that you’re yet to backup. What are they, you ask? Let’s check them out one by one:

#1: Your Blog

You started a blog some time ago and now it’s grown into a big community of sorts. Your life without your blog would be a nightmare. It’s always good to have a backup of your blog so that in the worst case scenario, you can safely restore the contents of the blog and start writing again as if nothing happened!

If you’re on WordPress, WP DB Backup is the only plugin you’ll ever need to do a regular backup of your blog. You can install the plugin and tell it to send automatic backups of your blog to your email inbox. Install. Configure. Forget. Just as easy as that. Pro Blog Design has a complete guide on how you can go about doing it.

Blog Backup

If you’re blogging using other platforms, check out this post that lists some good apps that can backup your blog.

#2: Your Gmail

Most of you reading this should be using Gmail. And I’m sure with the amount of storage that Gmail provides, you’ll never feel like deleting emails. So what if Google locks you up one day and that is the day when you desperately need to have a look at an email you sent?

You wouldn’t worry much if you had used Gmail Backup. The program works on Windows, Mac and Linux and it’s not just limited to backing up Gmail messages, but can also restore them to another account. You gotta have POP/IMAP enabled for your account for this to work.


This tool is being continuously developed as you can see on their site, and there are niggles that are being ironed out periodically. You need to give your Gmail ID and password and so use it at your own risk.

#3: Your Mobile Phone

Perhaps the most indispensable gadget is your mobile phone. With hundreds of contacts, heaps of text messages, and more importantly, your calendar, you should have gotten it all backed up.

No hassles if you’ve got a Nokia mobile phone because the Nokia PC Suite makes the backup process a piece of cake – a step-by-step guide is here is for your reference.

If you want to put it up in the cloud, you can use either Mobical or Zyb. While both of these tools can allow you to backup contacts and other data and even modify them, Zyb adds a social layer to the entire thing by showing updates from your contacts on social networks.

#4: Your PC Drivers

As I mentioned in my Windows Freeware Utilities post, it’s absolutely essential that you have a backup of all hardware drivers on your PC. It’d be a nightmare not to have them backed up, because if you’ve reinstalled Windows, you absolutely need to have a driver backup that has to be restored to keep all your hardware working properly.

DriverMax comes handy here, because it can scour your hard disk for all driver files and save them all together in a folder or as a compressed .zip file for later retrieval.  It can also update your drivers automatically.

Another tool worth trying is DriverScanner from Uniblue. Although its main purpose is to scan and update outdated drivers, it does give you options to back them up. It has won several accolades as well. The catch: You’ll have to pay to use it.

#5. Your Windows OS Settings

Despite the shiny new hardware and the blazing speed of your new PC, it still seems alien to you because you’re missing the customization that you did your old PC.


The Files and Settings Transfer Wizard is buried under the Accessories > System Tools in your Windows Start Menu can be used to backup and transfer settings like IE Options, Display, Sound Properties and many other settings.

The Wizard can also be used to back up fonts and file type associations.

#6. Your Bookmarks

As you frequently scour and research using the internet, you tend to accumulate bookmarks in your browser. But when you’re on a cyber cafe you can’t get your bookmarks right?

That’s when Xmarks (formerly, Foxmarks) comes in handy. It’s a must have if you frequently work with multiple computers. All you need to do is install the Foxmarks addon for Firefox/IE/Safari and create an account there.


Your bookmarks are immediately backed up and can be restored later. It’s primarily a sync tool so it does let you sync your bookmarks with multiple PCs. They can even be accessed via your mobile.

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  • ZYB is awesome! been using it since 2006 and with over 1000 phonebook entries or so, let me tell u that ZYB is heaven sent! The backup takes place in seconds and works even when you have multiple phones/numbers

  • Get a Mac and a time capsule 🙂
    Much easier

  • Backing up drivers with drivermax is awesome. No need to scour my room for the driver cds anymore, when reinstalling the os and that makes life easier. 😉

  • why backup gmail using any 3rd party? offline gmail will download all the emails & attachments.

  • @Narayanan: Thanks for dropping by to comment.
    @Zaheer: I don’t have a Mac 😛
    @Arun: I concur. It’s helluva app.
    @Joseph: This backup that you create using Gmail Backup can be restored to apps like Outlook, etc. easily. That’s a purpose. 🙂

  • This is brilliant! You’ve just eliminated a big chunk of post-disaster support calls. Great work!

  • This is a very interesting blog post. I especially like the one about backing up cell phone info. Good work.

  • Swaroop

    IMHO The most important backup:
    Photo+video log of your entire home. All rooms, all expensive devices, furniture, documents, jewelery. Catalog the pictures using a simple database and add market values to each item. Whenever you buy something expensive, take a picture and add it to the database along with value.

    It always comes in handy to have proof for insurance claims in the event of theft or disaster.

  • You should write in details ….like for nokia you gave tip and a link , but for other manufacturers you should give. e.g .For sony ericsson use default software or use utility like my phone explorer

  • You can also enable offline access for gmail using google gears and you get a local copy of all your email.

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  • Joe S.

    Why does Avast antivirus tell me that DriverMax is trying to install a Virus when I try to register it.

    Anyone else has had the same problem?

  • Donnat T

    Great info!!… Question… What about backing up licensed products??

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  • bob

    Why not save all your favourites/bookmarks on then you can always access them and share them with others too (or not if you prefer!)

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  • Tom

    @Zaheer that is a retarded comment…
    I have both and I have had hard drives fail on both a mac doesn’t solve your data loss!

  • Dave

    “Six Things You’ve Yet To Back Up and How To Back Them Up”


  • KJ

    Another good idea is to use social bookmarking. For example, if you use something like google bookmarks, it ensures that you have access to your bookmarks from anywhere and not only your own machine.

  • Pepa

    just get a mac. no more fooling around with all these crappy utilities 😉

  • For Gmail and Blog I would suggest: Backupify

    For Mobile Contatacs: Soocial

    For bookmarks: Just use Delicious, no backup needed.

    Best regards,

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  • For the Firefox web browser, I recommend Mozbackup to backup your Firefox bookmarks, saved passwords, contacts, etc.

  • Backing up is definitely the safest thing to do. I can’t imagine losing everything; that would be horrible. A lot of my life is on my computer. My advice is: get a great computer, but make sure you back it up. Dell Desktop Price List

  • Mazda Cx7 Reviews
    Well, that’s great for people who have Nokia, but how would you do it with other phones?

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  • X_Robert

    The tools in the post I haven’t had a try. But great post. For backup, I use OSToto Driver Talent. Well, I have been using this tool for almost a year. It is a powerful driver update and backup utility. Recommend.