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Three Facebook Photo Uploaders

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More and more people are using Facebook to share their photos and videos. The web-based Facebook photo uploader is kind of bulky and sometimes it crashes your browser. You should try out the following three Facebook photo uploader software if you frequently upload photos to Facebook.

#1: Facebook Photo Uploader for Desktop

Here are instructions to upload photos to Facebook directly from your Desktop using a Java-based app:

  • Download the app from here and unzip the file
  • Go to the bin folder and start the run.bat file
  • A window, like the one below, will pop up
    Facebook Photo Uploader for Desktop
  • Go to the folder where your photos are located and drag them to the ‘Photos to Upload’ section in the app window
  • Once that’s done, click the ‘Upload to Facebook’ button to upload the photos to your Facebook account

#2: Picasa Facebook Photo Uploader

You can use this photo uploader to upload photos to Facebook directly from Picasa photo management software.

  • If you’ve got Picasa installed, go here and click on the ‘Install Now’ button
  • In the window that pops up, choose ‘Facebook’ option from the ‘Available Buttons’ area and click ‘Add’. Then, click ‘OK’.
    Facebook Photo Uploader 2
  • You should see a Facebook button in the bottom of the window
  • Choose the photos that you want to upload and click on the ‘Facebook’ button to upload the photos to Facebook
  • Give your Facebook login details in the window that appears
  • A window, similar to the one below, will appear:
    Facebook Photo Uploader 3
  • Fill in the required photo details and click ‘Upload’.
  • In the browser window that appears, click ‘Approve’ to upload the photos to your Facebook account

#3: Facebook Photo Uploader for Firefox

If you spend most of your time inside the Firefox web browser, you can download and install the Firefox Universal Uploader addon from this page. This addon allows you to upload photos to Facebook directly from inside Firefox.

  • Once the addon is installed, restart Firefox and click on the big status bar icon that resembles the letter ‘f’
  • Choose Facebook from the list of services and click ‘Manage Accounts’ and then ‘Add Account’
  • Login and authorize the photo uploader app by clicking ‘Allow’
  • Click ‘I’m done authorizing’
  • Choose your account name back in the Manage Accounts window and click ‘OK’
  • Go to Tools > Fire Uploader
  • Two panes appear, as shown below:
  • Navigate to your photos folder and right click on the required photos and choose ‘Upload’ or drag and drop the photos to be uploaded to the right pane

Do let us know in the comments if you know of any other Facebook Photo Uploaders. I’ll be glad to add them to this list.

Written by Killer Tech Tips

March 30th, 2009 at 12:36 pm

  • Facebook Photo Uploader for Firefox seems to be best and feature rich add-on. btw Handy list of facebook uploaders.

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  • Deena

    i downloaded 2 out of 3 of these but none of them works
    first i downloaded the picasa but there is no popout window to go to facebook how can i click facebook without reinstalling it again
    the 2nd i tried i downloaded the facebook uploader for desktop i clicked the run.bat but nothing pops up
    pls answer this rep as soon as possible

  • i want to try this cause i think it will be a better one 🙂

  • i want to try this.

  • Janet

    I had the same problem as Deena.

  • Sean

    I’m using #3, the Firefox Universal Uploader. It was easy to install and use. Just follow the instruction as written above. Easy as pie!

  • crash

    omg CRASH CRASH CRASH CRASH oh and ummm CRASH!!!!!!!!!!

    i never thought it would be possible for your pos uploader to get ANY worse!!!! thanks for setting the bar!!!! it is by FAR the most DISGRACEFULL thing i’ve ever seen in almost 30 years of life! not only does it make your browser completely shut down, but the pictures are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out of order, even myspace isn’t this buggy! good job on the new update and congrats to helen keller for becoming the lead engineer at facebook

  • fire uploder is best its worl very good

  • fire fox photo uploder is best
    its work very good and fast



  • Cool app. now i can upload Pics to Facebook without accessing web browser ^^

  • Bradley Cooper

    So I will let you know!

    I found a little tool called clickto ( which is freeware and able to upload pics/links/text to facebook with just one single click!

    The idea behind that tool is to take the copy actions of the user and give him some more possibilities for the paste action. So if you’ve copied for example a pic on your pc/on firefox, clickto will show you possible paste actions in little buttons which appear above your mouse-arrow called “satellites”.

    Take a look on my pic how it looks like (p.s. I also created this pic with clickto; I went to pressed the “print” button and opened it with paint, there is just cut some content and saved it on my desktop :)). Every action which is missing in clickto can be added by the user himself.

  • A brand new tool I found to be the most user friendly, efficent and fastest was or

    I think it is the best tool out of all of them, and I have tried them all, even clicktoapp listed below.