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Enhance Google Search Pages with Greasemonkey Scripts

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Greasemonkey scripts enhance web pages and add additional functionality to them. Greasemonkey works with Firefox. You can download plenty of Greasemonkey scripts from to spice up websites.

The following Greasemonkey scripts add useful functions to Google’s pages, specifically Web search pages. Have a look at them – they could well improve your productivity.

1. Google Search Sidebar for FF3 – Download

Display integrated results from Wikipedia, Flickr and Youtube on Google Search

Probably the most useful of all the scripts mentioned here, this script displays a sidebar with relevant content from Wikipedia, YouTube and Flickr when you perform a search on Google. This has been designed to work only on search pages by default, not on your regional search result pages (like, etc.)

2. Multi-Column Results – Download

Google Multi Column Search Page Results for Widescreen Monitors

Splits Google search results into multiple columns. It’ll be incredibly useful if you’re on a wide screen monitor. Alt+1/2/3 keys can be used to switch between one, two and three column views.

3. Google Time Search – Download

Google Search By Time

Shows you options to restrict search results to a specified time period (like 24 hours, past week and so on).

4. Twitter Search on Google Search Pages – Download

Twitter Results on Google Search

There’s nothing like Twitter if you want to know all that you can about some breaking news unfolding in the other part of the world. This Greasemonkey script searches Twitter for your keyword and displays results from Twitter on top of Google search results. If you want integration, check out this script.

5. Quick Search Bar focus – Download

Google Search Tools

Google’s homepage is designed in such a way that once it’s completely loaded, the cursor is placed on the search box automatically. This happens only after the page has loaded entirely. Those of you with very slow connections should install this script because once you’ve done that, the cursor is put on the search bar instantly even though the other elements in the page are still loading.

6. Fixed Topbar – Download

Google Search Tools

This script shows the Google top bar  (a navigation bar with links taking you to Images, News result pages for your current search) even if you scroll down to see further results. It makes it visible all the time, even when you’re scrolling. Saves you a few seconds.

7. Google Media Search – Download

Google Music Search

Adds a ‘Music’ link near the Google Search button. When clicked, relevant search operators are added to your Google search so that only music files are shown to you in search results.

Let me know your favourite Greasemonkey scripts that enhance Google search result pages in the comments. The comment boxes are always open for discussion!

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March 20th, 2009 at 10:49 am

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