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Read and extract data from .NBU Nokia Backup Files

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If you have a Nokia mobile phone and have ever tried backing up data from your phone on to your PC, you’d have noticed the Nokia PC Suite creating a file called .NBU that contains a backup of your data. These .NBU files can be restored to your phone later using the PC Suite itself but the bottom-line is that you can’t extract pieces of data from that file.

Here’s what I mean: You can create an .NBU backup and restore it completely to your phone afterward. But you just can’t read an individual SMS message, contacts list data, graphic or theme from that backup. That means it’s pretty useless from one point of view. You could even face problems if you try to restore the backup to a phone of a different model.

Is there a way to make these files readable, you ask? Well, there is. Thanks to a third party software called Noki, it’s possible to view individual graphics, messages, drafts, contacts and other data from your backed up .NBU file. What’s more, you could even extract this data into a simple format. For instance, you could convert your contacts into a simple .csv/text/html file. Cool, isn’t it?

Extract SMS text messages, graphics, contacts from .nbu Nokia backup files

Noki, which tags itself as the Explorer for Nokia PC Suite files, can be downloaded from here. It does live up to its name by allowing you to extract all kinds of data from your Nokia mobile phone backup. Good luck!

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December 31st, 2008 at 11:29 am

  • Salah El Mouled

    NBUexplorer is the best! I tired it and it was awesome :) I restored all data in a second 

  • sam

    superrrrr, thnx