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Delete all Direct Messages in your Twitter Account

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twitter_delete_direct_messagesIf you find your Twitter direct messages inbox clogged up with too many messages, you might feel like deleting them all at once. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t provide a way to delete multiple/all direct messages at once. You can delete them individually, but that’s going to take a hell lot of your time if you have too many direct messages in your account.

That’s when the DM Whacker bookmarklet comes handy. Just drag the bookmarklet on this page to your bookmarks bar. Go to the direct messages page after logging into your Twitter account and click on the DM Whacker bookmarklet.

You can use the options that appear on the sidebar there to delete DMs from a particular user only, or all DMs. You can delete direct messages from both or either of your Inbox/Sent folders. Deleting a DM from your sent folder will also delete the same from the recipient’s Inbox folder. DM Whacker does take up a few moments to delete all your direct messages – so wait patiently till as the page reloads several times. When all’s done, you’ll get a confirmation window from DM Whacker, akin to this:

How To Delete Twitter Direct Messages

Please note that this little tool is ‘beta’ – so try it at your own risk. It could throw up some problems as mentioned in the creator’s page.

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December 31st, 2008 at 9:09 am

  • Nice tool, but is there a situation where we need to delete all DMs from Twitter?

  • @Nirmal: Some people like me hate clutter so keep only very little stuff in our email inboxes and other such things. If you’re like me, you’ll find it useful 🙂

  • bleh i hardly get any DM but this trick can come handy. Thanks Shankar Ganesh for sharing.

  • Nice tool Shankar ! I don’t have much DMs in my twitter let me try after when there is more message ! 🙂

  • @BlogsDNA: Thanks for dropping by to comment. I’m subscribed to your blog for quite a while. Great posts 🙂
    @Karthikeyan: You should surely bookmark it and try it. It’s kind of indispensable if you ask me 🙂

  • Hi Shankar,

    Thanks for the great post on this! Glad to see that the bookmarklet has come in handy for you!


  • @Damon: Well, thank you for making such a convenient bookmarklet!

  • sgtret

    For some reason my DM’s were exposed on the public time line this morning. I was pleased to find this utility but then disappointed when found it to be broken by recent actions on Twitter’s side.

  • Nice job, it worked! Thanks 🙂

  • Great tool. I had piled up nearly 1,000 direct messages. Twitter doesn’t have any searching tools for DMs so there’s no point in keeping them around. Being able to clear them out was very satisfying.

  • Jason

    I cannot get this dm remover to work, i tused to work on my twitter page but not anymore. Anybody have any ideas as to why it’s not working?

  • It is so painful to remove all these updates, thank you for the post will try your tool.

  • Useful article, searched for a while this helped, thank you.

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  • Jon

    Nice tool, very helpful

  • thanks for this tool! great!!! exactly what i needed.


  • It works excellently. A very useful tool.

  • JMW

    Hi.. thank you.. very useful 🙂

  • guestina

    3-12-11 DM Whacker does not seem to be working anymore

  • it’s wont work 

  • Good tip. Sometimes there are so many useless messages on twitter and most of them are junk, I never read them. Bulk deletion is important. Thanks for the tip. 

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  • Zaheen Haris

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