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The Best, Minimalist Themes for Firefox

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I’m sure your Firefox is dressed up in a pretty neat theme of your choice. Why not you guys try some of these minimalist themes? I’ve compiled a list of Firefox themes that really look simple, subtle and are not really showy. You should really check them out.

5. Chromifox 2 – Download


We were all impressed with Google Chrome’s minimalist looks, weren’t we? Chromifox 2 tries to bring Google Chrome’s look into Firefox. I’d say it does a good job, but of course, your Firefox won’t completely mimic Chrome – it doesn’t hide the title bar et al. A good attempt by the developer. You’ll either love or hate the theme when you first install it.

However, it’s still an experimental addon. You need to sign up on the addons site to install it.

4. HmmXP – Download

hmmxp simple firefox theme

Okay, hmmXP is a damn cool theme. It’s compact; but not cramped. It’s not flashy; but it’s pleasing and mildly attractive. The creator says it works very well with low resolution screens although I haven’t given it a try. Mine’s a 1024×768 and it does look great on it. Though it was initially designed to be used with a similar theme for XP itself, it integrates very well with any Windows XP theme.

3. Whitehart – Download


Whitehart is my personal favourite, and it’s a very restrained theme. It lacks bright colours. It’s not shiny. It doesn’t demand attention. But it’s a cosy, white theme that will really impress you. Give it a try, and you will never think of switching to another theme. (Well, at least I didn’t 🙂 )

Whitehart is also available for Thunderbird. Check out the Thunderbird version here. If you want a similar theme but without the white, check out this Le Breeze theme that’s gray and compact. This doesn’t work with Firefox 3, but who knows the developer may offer an update anytime.

2. Classic Compact – Download

classic simple

This theme for Firefox takes minimalism to the extreme. Although it may not be aesthetically pleasing to your eyes, it’s a very compact theme that tries to minimize the space consumed by the browser’s interface. It makes icons smaller, squeezes the menu and tab bars and does a lot of other things so that you’ll get maximum room for viewing web pages.

Another similar Firefox theme is miniFox. Unfortunately, it’s not available for Firefox 3.

1. Little Fox – Download


This theme does pretty much the same thing like the Classic Compact theme mentioned above but it’s more advanced than its counterpart. Besides shrinking down the area used by the default Firefox chrome, the Little Fox theme also supports other common extensions like Personas, StumbleUpon, Download Status Bar etc.

What it actually does is that it also minimizes interface usage by these addons. For instance, if you have the StumbleUpon toolbar installed, Little Fox will try and minimize the space used by the toolbar as well.

What’s Your Opinion?

Let’s make it more lively here. Below is a poll, vote for your favourite minimalist Firefox theme or for what you think is the best. If you know of any such simple, minimalist themes for Firefox and think it deserves to be on the list, go ahead and comment. People have different opinions and I’d love to hear yours in the comments section below.

Naysayers can check out these Christmas Themes for Firefox

[Screenshots sourced from the official Firefox addons site]

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December 24th, 2008 at 1:39 pm

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  • Good to see you’re posting again (thanks to my prompt?). Welcome back.

    I’d been using Chromifox when on Windows – really beautiful theme. The only bug I could find on it was that sometimes, when dragging tabs to rearrange the order, the pointer (which shows where your tab will be relocated) stays even after releasing the mouse button. Now I’m on GrApple theme+Mac OS X 🙂

    Thanks for the link too.

  • Very cool compilation of themes list. Tweeted this one 🙂

  • @Sumesh: Yep, thanks for the nudge via IM. I finally sat down and wrote something up. 🙂
    @Krishna: Thanks for the tweet dude!

  • personally, i like using vimperator,, it allows me to use firefox very much like vim, not only this, because of that i am able to hide both the menu and url bar, since i do not need them anymore, if i could only get rid of the title bar, itll be even nicer.

  • I am using Chromifox 2 and love it for the simplicity (nice, clean and fast).

  • I have been using Chromifox for quite some time, and I have to say I like it. Comfortable colors, and looks great on my modded Firefox. Had the same pointer bug as Sumesh though, but it’s not significant.

  • sum

    If you know of any such simple, minimalist themes for Firefox and think it deserves to be on the list

  • Anne

    Modern Pinball was the best minimalist theme from pre firefox days to ff2.

  • I just know if there is a wide selection of themes from firefox, can add to the look with the new atmosphere, thanks for the information