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Free Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 Key

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A few months ago, Kaspersky Switzerland offered a free trial key for Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 valid for six months. Now that the key has expired, people were looking for more offers. Luckily, Sizlopedia has found one such way to get a free Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 license although it works only for 100 days.

You could still experience the wonderful features of this awesome antivirus application in the 100 day trial period. Here’s how you can go about availing the activation key, as described in Sizlopedia:

  1. Follow the link below:
  2. Enter all details and click Submit
  3. Now it will ask you to enter the fifth word of the sixth step from issue 249, enter “also” without quotes and hit submit.

Grab the free key as soon as possible, because it might expire at any time.

Update: This method no longer works. You can try another offering from a Polish magazine to get a legitimate, free Kaspersky key for KAV 2009

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September 28th, 2008 at 4:51 pm

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  • Asgaro

    Awesome, thanks!

  • john

    whats the activation key, number anybody know

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  • @John: Follow the steps mentioned in the post. The free activation key will be delivered to your email.

  • Lovin_It

    😀 WOOT! You rock! Thanks for the link, you have made my day! I was just bemoaning downloading some other Kaspersky and the process of reconfiguring it all, but you saved me – all my love!!!
    -Trial Hoppin Kaspersky Lover

  • hey dis rilly works thnx!!!:smile::lol::cool:

  • thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Pedro

    Great, huge thanks from Chile man!!!

  • haresh

    it’s asking the fourth word of third step yar wat to do now????????

  • I am very thankful to u all

  • gooner

    If it asks you different step then keep refreshing until it says “enter the fifth word of the sixth step”
    Wow it works!

  • don’t ask for name

    what else should i say anyways….?:grin:

  • Chandu

    good work dude

  • mpmd

    ugh… i should have waited for the 30 day trial to end before putting it in. i would have 130 days free. oh well next time. tnx a lot for this post 🙂

  • thanx 4 sharing this awesome info!!!!!:shock:

  • Shulender

    this work thanks

  • nikos651

    !!!!!!!!!*** If it asks you different step then keep refreshing until it says “enter the fifth word of the sixth step”

    It Worked !!!!!!!!:smile:

  • mario

    This don’t work more =S
    I find a site that have keys work 100%
    =P The site is

    and have low prices for valid keys

  • Mary

    I find a site that sell keys for all kaspersky versions and works 100% eheh
    If you want a key go to
    The price is very low and we can pay by phone xD

  • Mary

    Eu encontrei um site que tem chaves para todos as versões do Kaspersky e trabalha a 100% eheh
    Se vocês quiserem alguma chave podem ir a
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  • HALO


  • HALO


  • Arash

    Wooow Thanx I think it’s working

  • zero balance

    Ahh i am too late they have changed the question can any one five the new answer
    To validate that you are eligible to receive an activation code, you will now be asked to enter a word that is in issue 249 of Computer Shopper.
    Please turn to the article ‘HOW TO… Recover deleted files’ on page 133 of Computer Shopper issue 249.

    Please enter the fifth word of the fifth step.

  • ZeTT

    Yeah! it really works… no need to buy any annoying license from spammers =P just keep refreshing ’til asks the fifth of sixth. =D

  • TP

    Woohoo! Only had 30 days but just found your page and got it until end of feb 09, many thanks. Just make sure it says fitfh of sixth word as stated above.

  • :mrgreen:

  • :smile::smile::???::cool::evil::grin::oops::razz::roll::wink::cry::eek::lol::mad::sad::mrgreen::neutral::shock:

  • siva sai

    i like this form to get the key

  • Uday

    Now the word required is “the” for subscription

  • Bond

    Awesome mate! I love it. Since man is always greedy, I wish this key was at least for a 1 year instead of 100 days!!!

  • scott

    they change d word again. wats the second word of the sixth step of pg 133 of issue 249? plz help me. thx

  • ammara

    i ve got the activation key can any 1 tel me how 2 use that 😥
    i mean do i hav 2 download a triaL VERSION from kaspersky lab???

  • Dr No

    That`s the real thing!!! Many thanks!!!

  • Thanks dude!!!!!! It’s still working 😎

  • joni

    can anyone help me? what is the first word of the first step on page 133 of Computer Shopper issue 249?

  • Cone

    I do it right now and the key is : also
    You have only to fill in the claim form in ALL its parts….
    P.S. I’m righting from Europe 😉

  • scott

    wats the second word of the sixth step of pg 133 of issue 249? plz help me. thx

  • required free kespersky actvation key

  • sam

    it has to be the fifth word in the sixth step-keep refreshing the page till that appears and check the words of the question!

  • lol


  • Jes

    This is awesome dude. Working!:D Now I have the license until March.

  • lol

    :mrgreen: 😐 😈 😯 🙂 😕 😎 👿 😀 😳 😛 🙄 😉 😥 😮 😆 😡 🙁

  • Semi3

    It dose not work…..:twisted:…

  • stalker

    thanks a ton dude !!!!!!!!! it works. i have a license untill MARCH 2009 😀

  • Sura

    Great work. We appreciate your work very much

  • hero

    whats the first word of fourth step????

  • Mapo (Philippines)

    It works DUDE!!! Thanks.. Now I have 100 days to go!!! pls. lets us know again when you’ll be having another trial license when this one expires! Cheers! and Advance Merry Christmas to all!

  • dhana


  • taff

    it has to be the fifth word in the sixth step, keep on refreshing and input the word ‘also’ and it works fine, 100 days of free protection happy days!

  • tarek

    great, it works, thank you very much :mrgreen:

  • kutty

    Can u please provide the MONTH and YEAR of that issue 249 of computer shopper?

  • johnieboy

    i just tried it it works! thanks.

    the main thing that people keep saying and i’ll say it one more time:

    keep refreshing until you get fifth and sixth. took me like 10 mins.

    then download kaspersky from the site then open it. It will say somewhere (forgot) it will ask for a key or activation code .
    good luck.


  • bert

    yez!! thanks I am lucky because for every question I have guess any word like fifth word of 2nd paragraph my answer is “the” yes!! thanks god!

  • bert

    yes! I have many activation key I am guessing a word then I am correct!! try to guess guys!

  • Monica

    Awesomme! worked nice!

  • hak

    Sorry, you cannot request any more keys.

    If you’re having problems with this process, email

    doesnt work anymore ?

    guys someone could send me a key please ???

    thank you sooo much !!! i need immediately !!!!

  • semii

    doesn’t work 🙁

    Sorry, you cannot request any more keys.

    If you’re having problems with this process, email

  • wael

    thank you

  • Nash

    doesnt work any more….:(
    any other tricks in the bag?

  • comment

  • plz give me the key

  • Nguyen

    anyone has a key for KIS 8
    please email me

  • Daniel

    Please I need a 1 year free kaspersky internet security 2009 key

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  • pradeep

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  • fred otter

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  • Rishabh

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  • siamak


  • Computer Shopper


    Due to a number of sites like this one advertsing a free promotion that is applicable only to UK readers of Computer Shopper magazine, this free registration offer has been withdrawn. Please do not waste yout time by requesting a free license key and you will NOT get one!

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  • Usually you cannot get an activation codes through free download from Rapidshare or Torrent. What you get it a key file and that is already been registered to someone. When you use it use your luck…:) cause sooner or later will get blacklisted. Unless you use activation codes where you can register your own email, location (country), and city

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  • Kshitiz

    i need free key of kaspersky 2009 please

  • BigJob

    Warning Will Robinson : Do not use the sites that want you to text them for a code for the download. It’s obviously a scam. There are plenty of real free sites about.

    The biggest job of all!

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