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How to remove or delete an application from your Facebook account?

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Since they revamped the Facebook user interface some time ago, everything looks a bit different and I had a tough time navigating around the site. It was also tedious to remove an application from my profile and it took me some time to figure out the option that does the same.

So I thought of writing this up so that in case anyone finds navigating the site wearisome, they can refer to this and get the application removed quickly from their profiles.

In order to remove an application from your Facebook account, here is what you need to do:

  • First, login to your Facebook account
  • Click on the Applications menu in the bar on the bottom of the screen and then click Edit

How to remove a Facebook application?

  • Click the Authorized tab on the top of the page that appears.

How to delete a Facebook application from profile?

  • Click the Remove link on the right of the application’s name. Click Remove again to confirm the deletion

How to remove a Facebook application from a Facebook account?

The application will now be deleted from your Facebook profile. You’ll not be able to use its functions unless you add it to your Facebook profile again.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

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September 19th, 2008 at 5:26 pm

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  • sharmili

    wow ,thanks for the much needed help. i have been looking to do this for sometime.

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  • MaybeKathy

    What I really need to know is how to delete a FB app that failed during install. I got an error when I tried to install it and now when I try to run it, FB thinks it isn’t installed. But when I try to reinstall it, FB thinks it is already installed. I’m hoping if I delete it, I can try to reinstall it but it doesn’t ever show up in my list of installed apps. I emailed FB help but never herd back. Anyone know what I can do?

  • Mike

    Excellent. Something so simple yet buried and labeled so inconvenient.

  • cheryl

    thanks for that. I’ve been looking around for a way to delete something I accidentally added.

  • sam

    that was a great help. thank you very much! at least i can get rid of all those horrid applications now.

  • riviere

    Thanks so much! this new interface is really build to discourage us from removing the apps. I was feeling trapped!

  • Thanks for this post. I was stumbling thru FB and was having trouble finding where to go!

  • Bettymacie

    Thank you SO much! They sure did bury that vital bit of info VERY deep, huh! Thanks again!

  • Lauren

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • primal convoy in Japan


    Big problem mate. There is NO “edit” at my applications area. It simply doesnt have it. Can someone help me please?

  • daz

    try looking at the bottom of the applications list, it says ‘edit applications’ there.

    Then once you’re on the next screen browse through the drop down pages clicking the little ‘x’ to remove apps

  • Tim

    Thanks! Really Helpful.

  • Penn

    I’m trying to find out if the access to personal information that many if not all applications seem to need to work ceases once they are removed.

    I couldn’t find anything to that nature on the Facebook site and there isn’t a contact form or email address to ask just the following info that only makes reference to ‘certain information’ not being held for more than 24 hours…what is that certain information and what can they hold??

    “The Facebook Platform Developer Terms of Service prohibit third party applications from storing certain information for longer than 24 hours, and Facebook takes action on developers who are found to be violating this. If you think an application is storing your information improperly, please let us know by reporting the application on its “About” page. You can also control what information applications can access from the “Applications” section on the Privacy page.”

  • i want to delete my plenty of fish account asap i dont find this site useful.

  • Heather

    I can’t send update, confirm friends, or open the drop down box to edit applications. Any idea?

  • Donna Conner Marsh

    I did all the steps to go to the page to delete applications from Facebook. At the top of the page and to the right there is a drop down menu where I clicked on ‘Authorized’ it shows the applications but no remove button, it just has ‘Edit Settings & ‘Profile’ Help 🙂

  • Vaishnav

    there is other way also…
    goto Account on top right corner of page.
    goto application setting and from there u can remove applications old way.
    old interface to remove applications is still ther.

  • heisner

    Hi – nice try. But the applications are not REALLY removed. They are just hidden and de-activated.
    Try to go back into one of them and they sure has saved your old data.
    Besides… you can still find them attached to your account deep down in facebook.

  • Vasils

    How do I remove or delete an application from my account using the new updated user interface???

  • Ooi Hooi Fung

    Login, Right Top “Account”,
    Scroll down “Application Setting”
    Right at the “Show” menu/word
    scroll down to “Allowed to Post” & “Granted Addition Permission” click at the “X” at the right site……

    This is just deny to access the application, but the Games/Application data still there, other friends who add you before still can see your data/info in the games, when they post some things/info, you still can receive.

    some one please advise…

  • fred

    i did it and it’s still there!!!!!!!!

  • Can not delete my tagged photo for a birthday album
    I keep getting kicked off the page every time I try!

  • Jed

    This is pathetic that Facebook can’t resolve this. They still have postings that are out dated and irrelevant. I’ve just now spent an hour trying to figure out how to remove applications, and I still don’t know how to do it. And last week it took me an hour to figure out how to upload an mp3 (something that should take ten minutes). All of this frustration mainly because of outdated support threads which led me down a dead end street. I’m sick of this, and think I’m going to leave Facebook.

  • val

    How to remove an application from Facebook account […]?Hi!

    Big problem mate. There is NO “edit” at my applications area. It simply doesnt have it. Can someone help me please?

  • Paulofonta

    Couldn’t be easier.
    After logging in, just click “Account” (top right) and then “Application settings”
    I believe that there’s no need to explain the rest 🙂

  • Sorry, but none of this is working for me. None of the items you say will be on my screen are there. The applications settings menu has no box to click on to turn an application on or off.

  • jay

    it doesnot do anything, it just sit at that point… frustating 🙁

  • agus

    saya tidak tahu cara untuk mengembalikan applikasi yang saya hide dari wall saya ,ada yang bisa bantu saya punya problem jelasnya news feed mafia wars saya tidak pernah terima lagi setelah saya hide ,saya ingin itu kembali bagaimana caranya terima ksaih b4

  • Jim Chatman


  • i tried to upload the new fb uploader but sad to note i can NO longer upload photos on my facebook and i cant delete it too . HELP!!!!!!

  • Thank you for posting the instructions on how to remove an application from Facebook. I was able to immediately remove apps that are unwanted. Thank you! 🙂

  • dazz

    thanks a tonn…it helped me a lot.

  • HighDef

    1- Account (top right hand corner)
    2- Privacy Settings
    3- Applications and Websites – edit your settings (bottom left corner
    4- Applications you use – edit settings
    5- click x to remove whatever application wanted to remove

  • I created an new procedure for the latest version of facebook accounts.

  • marissa

    i cant find the application’s menu because facebook has changed. can someone please help me find the present ways to remove it?

  • adriana

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! Seriously u r a LIFE SAVER!!!!!

  • I was trying to follow what you put for removing apps off facebook but i can’t find it on my page. my only theory is that they changed the page setup again since your post. Unless I am just missing something since I am not that tech savy. Is there anyway you could see what I’m missing to remove some unwanted apps?


    they changed it. now you must click on Account in right up corner > Privacy > under privacy table you have box called Applications and Websites > Edit your settings

  • T.C.
  • i dont get the option of application settings in the drop down menu under account so cant delete any applications..any help for that?

  • You can remove an application you have allowed from the Applications You Use page. To get to that page, follow these steps:
    1.Go to the Privacy Settings page from the “Account” drop-down menu located at the top of any page on Facebook.
    2.Click the “Edit your settings” link under the Applications and Websites section towards the bottom of the page.
    3.Click on the application you’d like to remove. If you don’t see the application listed, you can find it by clicking the Edit Settings button towards the top right-hand side of the page.
    4.You’ll then see an expanded view of your settings for that application. From here, you can click the “Remove application” link. Once you confirm you’d like to remove the application, it will no longer have access to your data and be removed from your profile, bookmarks, and your Applications and Games Dashboards.

  • Facebook does not offer a simpler way to remove these applications. Under HOME you can see the list of applications you accessed but you can only hide unwanted apps by clicking the ‘X’.
    To remove apps, you have to dig a little inside your account.

  • i am trying to delet face book and get a new account with them for free

  • There is no application bar now. What do I do?

  • Anonymous

    Yvetee Now you just have to hover over the application that you want to remove and an x will appear on the left side. Click on that x and dialog will appear. Choose never for both options. That’s it.

  • Sheilab157504

    I want to delete Frontierville and Farmville games from my computer because i don’t like all the different “must do’s” to continue playing. what do I have to do??????

  • Martha

    I entered our B & B as a business page, but if someone looks at it they can also edit the page – how do I remove this capability

  • Superlok2

    Apps Request >Your Apps>To control how your friends see your activity, click here>Apps you use>edit Setting and enjoy x x x x x x x x x

  • Guiriba_cecille

    thAnK yOu sO mUch…

    nkApag ediT ndIn mE… 

  • Joan_corpin14

     Thank you! 🙂 it helped me a lot.

  • Thoms51

    There is no applicaton bar anywhere.

  • Basquegirlkaren

    I don’t find anything that looks like above and want to get rid of all of my applications.  I am f-ing frustrated because it isn’t easy to find and delete applications.  Sucks!!!

  • Basquegirlkaren

    I don’t find anything that looks like above and want to get rid of all of my applications.  I am f-ing frustrated because it isn’t easy to find and delete applications.  Sucks!!!

  • Basquegirlkaren

    This info has to be defunked because I find nothing that looks like this or anything similar and I want my applications gone!

  • blitz

    sign into facebook
    click account in the top left corner
    account setting
    look for applications on the left hand side and click it
    find the app you want to remove
    there will be an X next to where it says edit for that app
    click X

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  • Henryc15

    very helpful
    does the app still keep my information after i remove it?



  • why i cannot sen
    d a friend request????

  • sab bakwas