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Four Free Ways To Add Comic Speech Bubbles To Your Photos

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If you want to have some fun with your digital photos collection and impress people around you, why not put together a few photos, add some comic speech bubbles and spin a funny yarn? Here, I’ll take you through 4 services that let you add speech bubbles to your photos instantly in a matter of minutes:

SuperLame Word Balloon Engine – Visit Site

Based on Flash, the SuperLame Word Balloon Engine, as the name implies, lets you add speech bubbles to images. It works like a charm – the options are all well organized and the overall interface is good.


Just hit the ‘Add a Balloon’ option after uploading the image where you want to add the wacky speech bubbles and start adding speech bubbles. You can switch between a variety of speech bubble shapes, borders, font colours and styles by using the respective icons near the speech bubble.

Click on the ‘Save Image’ button and voila! There you have your very own little image with speech bubbles added. You can instantly email that image to your friend, or even get it printed on something like a T-shirt or so from their shops.

Kyolo – Visit Site and – Visit Site

Kyolo is another site that’s by far the most popular. Though it has less options when compared to SuperLame, it loads quick and it does the features that you’d require – except that you are restricted to only one speech bubble style.


Kyolo scores with one big feature though – and that is the ability to create an account there and store the pictures you’ve messed with in public or private albums. You don’t need to go about using another image hosting service for that purpose – Kyolo does it for you.

PicBite is currently down as I write this, but it should be up in a week. In addition to letting you add square shaped speech bubbles to your images, PicBite provides you links that you can use to embed the images in social networks and other sites.

LeftLogic Speech Bubbles Bookmarklet – Visit Site

This is a bit of a different approach, and it works like this – you’re given a bookmarklet that you can click when you want to add speech bubbles to an image on the web page you’re currently on.


Once the bookmarklet is clicked, a speech bubble pops up on the site in which you can type the message. When you’re done, click ‘Copy’ and the service provides you with a URL that you can share with your friends. When someone visits the URL, he’ll see the page with the image plus speech bubbles.


The best among the flock, according to me, is SuperLame, because it provides a variety of speech bubble styles and has a fantastic interface. I might also try the bookmark provided by LeftLogic because it’s quick and geeky, but I’d only go for Kyolo or PicBite when the other two stop working 😉

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August 23rd, 2008 at 7:19 pm

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  • Hey.. thanks for this tip.. been looking for a tool to help me with bubbles for quite some time.. n ended up using MS Word all these days! 😀 this is def gonna save me quite a bit of effort!!

  • Hey, the first one looks cool. good post

  • a few of the featured website cannot be reached.

    I love superlame anyway


  • Kyolo was easy to use and add the bubble, resize it and writing text into it.
    Thanks for these.. adds fun for today!

  • Yes, the first one looks nice…

  • Cool!
    Never heard of it.Though i dont think i will ever need it.Anyways,good post! Stumbled it!

  • Nice! A freeware app called Photoscape is also another easy way to accomplish this feat.

  • Thanks for ur interesting post i was looking for a tool to help me with bubbles. It’s really very easy to use and add the bubble.The last one looks cute

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  • It is also possible to add comic speech bubbles with Windows 7 Paint.

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  • Wow, guys! has raised from the dead.

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  • Richard

    I have just started adding bubbles to photos and found nice and easy to use.  Quite like superlame as well. r

  • Redd

    What in the world happened to Superlame? Now its a religious site?